What's your latest purchase?


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...I still use a minidisc recorder for stuff. ?

The Compact Disk era is not over for me.

I received from Amazon, this awesome pack of 50 colored cases because I am filling this CD tower with Blu-rays, my friend was about to toss the tower, it's a freebee for me, I burn at least 1 or 2 x 25gb Blu-Rays per month, to backup my stuff.


These discs are highly durable they have a very long life span, well suited for archiving.

I have a couple of HDDs of course, but in my opinion, HDDs can't be trusted, USB keys are even less trustworthy.

So this is it!

I hope you are happy for me!


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Have you ever taken drum gear home to rescue it, like you would a stray cat or dog? I drove by a music store and felt like something was calling me, and found this blackened old hi-hat stand for $19 (was worth probably less...). I spent almost 6 hours polishing it. It's simple, but works, and I think it's happy now.


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What mic were you using before?
For home use, & some gigs, I use the EV PL35 - on toms too (PL33 on floor tom) - they punch well above their modest price point, & they're bombproof. Having now tested the Beyer M201, it definitely has the edge as a snare mic.

I've never really spent much on drum mic's, as they're provided on most of my gigs, & obviously studio too. I do like to run my own quality bass drum mic though (Heil PR48). For home & occasional gigs, I use a pair of Rode NT3s for overheads. Again, nothing special, but dependable stuff.


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Just arrived...the 5.5x13 D.W. wrinkled aluminum 3mm snaredrum from Sweetwater. I was busy as he-- last night. I was boiling some pasta quick..grabbed an ipa out of the fridge and got the drum out..put it between my legs sitting on the couch and with fingers only did my little review. Send it back? NOT this! one..this is an in the boat keeper. Plenty of body..good range..nice adjustments. This is the drum I'll take over the world with.

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Wuhan 20" china. Sounds like a gong! I love it so far. I'll be adding some gaff tape though.

And I wanted to try some shaker bead/seed type thing. So I grabbed this up.