What's your latest purchase?


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A new Gibraltar throne (with backrest)
Two Tama Accu-strike beaters (with plastic head) to replace the felt ones
Gibraltar 3 way adapter

Yet again going back to stands and scaling a bit down to accommodate a more ergonomic setup. My DR-80 rack is great in the way that i have the exact same setup everytime, but it's limiting my options on how i want my setup.
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Ah ha-you're a nut-I suspected as much. I love those dang chocolate kisses which pop up in dishes everywhere I go during holidays. We should have a poll- plain or nuts M&Ms LOL
This cooler weather and month's with R's in them I need to buy me a bushel of oysters-YUM! Then another one to share with wife and friends. I'll set up a table with crackers and toppings and I usually steam some for the squeamish. I just shuck em and eat em, but I can shuck for myself and about two other as fast as we can eat them-better than those lever deals. Got my own knife design and it's all finding that sweet spot of leverage so you just pop them open. I'm finicky about my oysters and will travel a good distance for a good oyster. I've only found one pearl in a lifetime of shucking-like a warped BB. Mollusk have a smooth muscle structure called a catch muscle that allows them to maintain their shell closed with little expenditure of energy for prolonged periods of time. Vertebrate smooth muscle has a "latch-phase" that does similar by a completely different mechanism. I'll shut up now cause I could go on and on for hours LOL.

Oh I did buy some Buddy Rich drum sticks. This is my second pair-I like them-there are so fat you can cross stick without flipping your stick, have a good feel to them. a nice tip but I'm not loyal to any particular stick. Just oysters pretty loyal to my lil mollusk friends-them and squid are pretty tasty too. Mussels are delish too, Snails, Dang Mollusks rule. I think Azheat's Octopus planted a subliminal Mollusk message-signaling my brain-more oysters. Then the octopus is holding sticks-hence the reference to my BR drum sticks. Dang I'm so easily manipulated just by one painting.

Speaking of painting-I'm painting a "Blob fish" for my daughter. She requested it. I had no idea of Blob fish but found a pic and sketched out what I was going to paint-looked like a family of Blob fish. But then I started reading about them-no bones, little muscle or mass because at the great depths and pressures they survive those pressures act to keep them structurally sound and looking like a regular fish-when caught in nets and brought up to sea level then they blob out. Dang I feel awful just drawing it, but I promised her a blob fish. Now I'm thinking of starting over and maybe have a normal Blob fish at depth on quarter of frame and then out of sea in nets one blobbing so it tells a story. I doubt after blobbing they survive if returned to great depths???


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Picked this up yesterday. Tama 6.5 x14 Star Reserve single ply of steambent Japanese sendan. Tama only made forty of these worldwide and I feared I missed my chance when I procrastinated a few weeks ago. One turned up at a shop near Washington DC, a 25 mile drive away so I jumped on it. The wood is supposedly in the mahogany family but it seems to have more bite than I’d expect from that wood when I tapped it. Beefy 3.0 mm mighty hoops and ten lugs instead of the usual eight that you’d ordinarily find with Star drums, and a different style of lug as well. I look forward to playing it this weekend.


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This is sort of drum related. I use to have a set of Roland V-drums, that due to its module, I could listen to my headphones and have the music and my drums piped through an amp.
When I got my new acoustic kit, I bought some bluetooth headphones and would listen to my music from my iphone while I played.
Well, momma took exception to that because she couldn't hear the music I was drumming too like before . So, I got this mixer with bluetooth capabilities and can pump my iphone music library to the headphones and amp, plus its an 8 channel in case I ever want to mic the kit.
This is probably all very boring to you youngsters, but to a tech illiterate boomer like myself, this is special.
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I bought the sabian sound kit for the same reason! ?


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Well I got 3/5 of the Humes & Berg galaxy gig bags for my Renowns... 4th box with the kick and 16" are still in transit.