What's your latest purchase?


Here I was just putting this tweak to my kit together, yesterday during a dull work zoom ;-)
DW 9502 remote HH pedal (small).jpg
I seemed to have been lucky with exchange rates or something as I bought from a site in Germany much less than it would be in the UK, (couldn't really afford to buy it at UK prices).
DW 9502 remote Hi-Hat pedal. I gave it a spin after work and I'm verrrrry happy with it :cool:


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Nice snare and Great score I would have picked up as well!

Right now the local GC has a 3 piece DW design series in a cherry satin finish for $549.00.
I am not in the market but at the same time, not sure if that’s a deal worth snagging up.
I may go and try them over the weekend.

My back up kit is a 4 piece version of that kit. It’s a great kit for that price!

Bongo Jesus

14x6 Edge came in today, I'll be putting on true hoops instead of cast.




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I think I find my perfect ride cymbal and I bought it today.

Today’s pickup was the Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Ride 21”



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Purchased a few months back!! Sonor Vintage 20, 10, 12, 14 & 14x6.5! Absolutely love!! Makes an old man feel young!! View attachment 95923

The LEAST vintage looking Sonor Vintage haha - I bet that sounds awesome man! Congrats!


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A Gibralter small boom arm
Meinl Generation X 8" Filter China
Paiste 2002 4" Accent
Paiste 2002 6" Accent

Going to use the Filter China on the bottom of the stack with the 10" Paiste PSTX Swiss Splash. Have a 10" Zildjian Oriental China Trash under it now, but the stack sounds too 'sharp' by lack of better words. So going to switch it with the Filter China.
Had the 6" Accent years ago and sold it, but always liked it's sound and missed it. And then i thought 'maybe if i get the 4" i can more or less mimic the YYZ intro'. So i had to get that too haha. The 6" is going bell side down on top of the stack (yes, with a felt in between) and the 4" bell side down on my 10" A-Zildjian Fast Splash


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After watching the video about EarPeace ear plugs I ordered a pair and I gotta say they sound pretty natural just lower in volume. 1600392840316.png


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Because a picture is worth a thousand words... ;)


And every time i see that 4" Accent i hear Pumba from The Lion King in my head saying "He's so cute and all alone! Can we keep him?"



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Picked up this 5.5” x 14” Tama SLP Bronze Snare this afternoon. Put a Remo Powerstroke PS3 coated on it to dampen out the overtones. Nice and Crisp, with a darker tone now. I’m just waiting for the SLP walnut and bubinga snares to arrive, along with the Copeland snare. Also going to upgrade the throw and butt plate.


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These came into today (on a Sunday, which is weird)

Avantone Pro 8 piece Mic kit (1 snare, 1 kick, 3 toms, 2 overheads and 1 hi hat mic).

The carrying case is amazing faux gator skin and tweed look retro and beautiful.

But man, after initial testing, these are warm and great sounding on my toms. I was using SM57’s on snare & toms. The difference in the toms is huge.

I likely still use 2 mics on the kick. So I’ll most likely put the new mic on the inside of the kick and my AKG D112 on the outside.

But man, so far I’m impressed. These are built like tanks and every mic, from Tom to overhead has a shock mount.