What's your latest purchase?

This bop baby will arrive one of these days.


12” x 8” Rack Tom, 14” x 14” Floor Tom, 18” x 14” Bass Drum

I can’t wait!

Which series of drums is it? Love me some Yamaha.
This is my drum kit. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

A couple of quick iphone shots of my new kit. I didn't think this old man could get excited about much anymore, but today was a good day. Got this from Sweetwater around 2:00 p.m.. Been assembling all day.
Still got to adjust cymbals and pedals etc.
Its a 7 pc. dw performance series in black diamond. It has all series 9000 hardware and I got Zildjian Custom A's for it. 14" hats, 16,17,18 inch crashes and a 20" ride. The drums are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and a 14 x 6.5 snare. 18 x 22 bass drum.
Everyone has their idea of a dream set and this one happens to be mine.

Oh yeah, my name is Jack. I've been lurking for a week or two. Lots of knowledge and talent here.View attachment 95855View attachment 95857

Nice rig man - tour worthy!! Gotta go hit up those coliseums!!
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This baby!
Been needing a china for my Quiet Tone, low volume set up & as Sabian doesn't make one (yet), I'm going with the L80. I have a duplicate of my gigging cymbal set up in the Quiet Tone's & this is the one piece I didn't have.


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When i feel im worthy ( good enough) the performance series is the kit im Going to buy .nice i love it
Thanks for the compliment. If being worthy was a prerequisite for these drums, I'd be banging on on boxes and trash can lids to the Beatles "Day Tripper" like I did in the 60's.
I've had 4 kits in my life, but its been a while since the last one. Life got in the way.
I'm fortunate enough now to live on some acreage, in a home with a detached mother in laws quarters, that has no mother in law. So I have no one to bother.
The drums sounded pretty good last night. Me, not so much.
Hopefully it comes back.
I'm glad to have found this site. It seems like a great group of people.
So I needed to purchase something for my house (something that I couldn't get locally, grrrrr) and so when I found one one Amazon, I had a choice. Pay $5.99 shipping for the one small item I needed, or spend $9 more and get free shipping. So....

I ordered a spare kick drum patch for emergencies, and a drill-bit drum key. :) Big spender, I am...still, the most I've spent on drums in a while
Here I was just putting this tweak to my kit together, yesterday during a dull work zoom ;-)
DW 9502 remote HH pedal (small).jpg
I seemed to have been lucky with exchange rates or something as I bought from a site in Germany much less than it would be in the UK, (couldn't really afford to buy it at UK prices).
DW 9502 remote Hi-Hat pedal. I gave it a spin after work and I'm verrrrry happy with it :cool:
Nice snare and Great score I would have picked up as well!

Right now the local GC has a 3 piece DW design series in a cherry satin finish for $549.00.
I am not in the market but at the same time, not sure if that’s a deal worth snagging up.
I may go and try them over the weekend.

My back up kit is a 4 piece version of that kit. It’s a great kit for that price!
I think I find my perfect ride cymbal and I bought it today.

Today’s pickup was the Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Ride 21”

Purchased a few months back!! Sonor Vintage 20, 10, 12, 14 & 14x6.5! Absolutely love!! Makes an old man feel young!! View attachment 95923

The LEAST vintage looking Sonor Vintage haha - I bet that sounds awesome man! Congrats!