What's your latest purchase?


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My first solid "1-ply" snare. Very open, lotsa sustain, at first blush it sounds good at low & high tunings. I put an Evans Genera batter head on it for today’s July 4 party gig (I’ll let y’all know if Covid pops up on my radar) and it has a very nice, dry, woody pop. Hopefully it’ll sit well in the mix.

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Great choice for your first steambent snare . Tama Star snares are fantastic .


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I picked up this sweet new Gretsch Renown kit a couple of weeks ago. I've talked about it extensively elsewhere so I won't go into details but here it is for posterity:


I have a bunch of new Zildjian K Sweet cymbals on the way as well. I'm especially looking forward to the 16" hi-hats. They should be here any day.

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turns out it's actually a 20x12 Ludwig Hobby bass drum (1964 based on the badge). the duco is in much worse shape than the pictures/listing led on, but overall I'm glad I bought it. shell is round, edges are perfect, and it's super clean inside. I sprayed several coats of clear on it to hopefully preserve the finish. I was basically able to blow off the paint. just waiting on a batter side head to finish it off.

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This guy has a similar situation. I think it looks great!


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Fiberskyn Felt Tone BD head for my Tour Customs. They feel a little more jazzy now. :p
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