What's your latest purchase?


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Well, things move in and out all the time. Let’s just say I can say I have experience with every major brand now. I’m not one of those guys that keeps a warehouse stocked with drums and cymbals.
Which of your current kits have you owned the longest?
I am assuming it's Pearl.


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latest purchases, again not drum related (well, one almost is).

behringer u-phoria 1820 USB interface, perfect for when im finally in a position to record drum covers again!

and a limited edition 1978 pressing of kraftwerks 'neon lights' 3 track EP, what i didnt realise was the vinyl is luminous vinyl! <3
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I'd love to hear your take on the difference of the Prolite and SQ2 med beech. All 3 kits really look the biz!! That might be the nicest looking Ludwig kit I've ever seen!
Well, thank you sir!

Regarding the difference between the Prolites and the med beech SQ2s - surprisingly, not that much. Hardware-wise, they're similar. I'm assuming the medium beech has slightly more projection due to the straight walled 6mm shells (I haven't been able to confirm this yet: COVID has killed all my gigs), but the Prolites have the same thickness at each bearing edge (6mm) due to the re-rings. The only other variation would be the subtle sonic differences between German beech and N. American maple.

Frankly, I'm blown away at the quality of the Ludwigs. I was expecting a nicely made set of drums (you know, the whole Limited Edition bit), but this set rivals German Sonors at every level. Smoothest bearing edges I've ever seen. The exotic veneers are top shelf stuff; the gloss lacquer superbly applied, inside and out. I should also mention that they sound great! I'm really thrilled with them.


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