What's your latest purchase?


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Last week I bought a used Pearl Sensitone Steel snare. The shell is in perfect condition. No scratches or dents. Nice and shiny. The bottom rim is also in excellent condition. I did notice some scratches on the top of the batter side rim but nothing that was all that bad from a structural standpoint. Then looking at the drum in a different light I did notice what I can best describe as a dent in the batter side rim. But again, it's not all that big because I didn't notice it for a couple of days. The scratches and the dent don't impact the playability. Frankly, I love the sound. And best of all, I got it for $50. I haven't bought any drum equipment besides heads or sticks in a very long time. So I'm really enjoying this thing.


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How in the hades did you pull that acquistion off???? I've been looking for a 14x14 in Choc Burl and i get nada. Blue Sparkle is discontinued is it not? Happy for you!! :cool:
Sonor Sam (samiamstudios) somehow got his hands on new Sonor ProLite blue sparkle 14”, 18” and 10” toms. Some guy on another site tipped me to it and picked up the 14”. Keep checking Sam’s site. He gets his hands on Sonor add-ons that no one else seems to get.


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J viens d'acheter un kit vintage 66' Slingerland aux USA, difficile à trouver chez nous (europe/Belgium) j'étais resté sur l'extraordinaire souvenir de ma Ludwig classic Marine de 1970(écusson OLIVE/BLUE) qui a -depuis-disparu(snif, snif!) j'espère que ce kit sera aussi BON qu'il est BEAU. Spend a nice day everybody, Phil.


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About as close to Mardi Gras as I will probably get. A week or two ago, through GC, I purchased a Pearl Session Studio Select birch/mahogany shell pack in Black Halo Glitter, which are special orders. Was going for white Marine pearl but when I found out this was a lacquer finish, I opted for this one. They gave me July as far as when it comes in, sizes are 22bd 10t 12t 14ft 16ft.
While I am waiting on my shell pack, I managed to get these from reverb, 7x8 and 9x13 rack toms.
Beautiful on the outside and bonus, I love the look of the mahogany interiors just as well. I can’t wait to put CS dots on these.
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These are awesome drums. and I was always a bit disappointed I didn't purchase a five piece set of these on clearance in the mid 90's at a local music store when I had the chance. They too, were also Sequoia Red, one of my all time favorite finishes by Pearl . They look to be of square dimensions. What sizes are they? Enjoy!


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Just finished assembling what was my small kit, and is now my main kit...

I got 2 Yamaha Power V Special toms and the tom tree to go with, and a Zildjian A 17" Rock Crash that fits with my other cymbals really well.

Pleased. :)