What's your latest purchase?


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Here's a few more 3 ply clear interior shells to add to my Luddie shell bank. I've added 22,16,and 14 to go with what I had in 24,18,15,13 and 12. I also got a 16 hanging tom for cheap to practice re-cutting edges. I kind of like the non matching wraps and may leave them that way at least for now.



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I just got a Zildjian A Custom 10" splash, a Zildjian ZHT 18" China, and a Gibraltar cymbal boom to attach to a cymbal stand, probably for the aforementioned 10" splash.

These, plus the recently acquired Sabian crash, should occupy me for a minute. ;)


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latest purchase is a Behringer UMC1820 U-phoria recording interface, so i can do remote drumming work and drum covers :)

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Indeed. Day one with the drum on Friday and the drum sounded and felt better as I dropped the pitch of the batter AND reso heads. Drum seemed a bit choked when played at what I’d call medium high, my usual preference for most drums.
I have a stave walnut 6.5 that sounds best at medium low. I think the stave drums have a naturally low fundamental that usually needs to be allowed to sing with a lower tuning. Especially warmer-sounding woods. And especially deeper drums


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In the last 30 days or so I've picked up 4 new (to me) cymbals and three new stands (and a clamp boom arm.)

They are- 60s Zildjian 22" ride, Zildjian A Custom 10" splash, Sabian XSR 16" crash, and a Zildjian ZHT 18" China.

Fun stuff. :)
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Jeremy Bender

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Sabian quiet tone practice pad.

Not bad for what it is. It helps reduce volume when placed on a snare drum. or works as a not very bouncy practice pad when placed on a stand.


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2020 has been out of control for me:
Ludwig Classic Oak 4 piece
Paiste Dark Energy Mark II 21” Ride
Paiste Dark energy 17” crash
AKG bass drum mic
Tascam 16x08 mixer
2x SM57’s
19” Istanbul agop Xist crash
19” Istanbul agop Xist trash
10” Paiste dark energy splash
Trick V1 Pro Big Foot double pedal
DW collectors Series maple Snare
Jam block
DW 9000 EXtended footboard hi hat stand
DW 9000 Air Lift double Tom stand
Logic Pro X
A bunch of stuff from tackle instruments
Internal bass drum mic stand
Ludwig decals for my Coated White EQ3 Reso
Evans G12 Tom heads coated
Sabian snare wires (2 varieties)
22” Paiste Modern essentials Ride

and most of it, is within the past month.

2019 was the year of the Ludwig Snare Drum for me as I purchased a Supraphonic, black beauty, raw brass phonic, copper phonic and 110th anniversary exotic avodire maple snare

I grew up Poor and played crap crap gear. And I’m 35 now, with a daughter and wife and a house. I always said when I could afford it, I was going to buy and build my dream kit. I’m happy say there is nothing else I really want.

except a sonor Danny Carey snare which seeks impossible to snag anymore and a Danny Carey signature Ride.