What's your latest purchase?


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Did cast hoops to complete my NOS Slingerland kit. Seven piece kit in WMP. First time I've had die cast hoops and I love them for in home use. Hope to find out how they sound on a gig some time. May prefer triple flanged in unmiked situations. We'll see.



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Found a lightly used Sonor Protean 14 x 5.25" snare drum locally. It is in transit as I type this. I am pretty stoked to receive this and try it out.

Jeremy Bender

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A Paiste Signature Traditional 18" Thin crash cymbal gently used. Buttery feel with a less complex tonal character than other Paiste lines. Wish they would expand the line some more.


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IMG_1971.jpgBought this 14 x 5 Acrolite a few weeks ago. Its a couple of years old. Not because I needed another snare but it was a good price by Oz standards and I was keen to try one out as they come with good reviews.. It came with the Ludwig stock heads. I replaced the top head with a Genera Dry I had lying around.( I also put on a P88 strainer as the one that came with it was a pain to use). I can see why people love them. Tuned up tight on the reso and medium high on the batter, it just sounds terrific. It may well be my go to snare.