What's your latest purchase?


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Love that finish!
Me too. Thanks!

The red is pretty bright in that photo but as soon as the lights go down the kit turns a nice black cherry colour. Should look good under stage lights which is precisely what the kit was chosen for.

Thanks again!

Jeremy Bender

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A late 1970's Paiste 22" Dark China somewhere between NOS and gently used, a bit of wavy edge but nothing major.
She's mysteriously dark when brushed gently while having the potential to be a deafening monster. Waited years to get this model at the right price.
Dark China-1.jpg
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f-ing A dude!!!! that is tuff
Thanks man!

We've all heard a thousand time how good the Stage Customs sound. I'm happy to say that it's all true - they really do sound great. I'm using clear Pinstripes over clear Ambassadors on the toms.

The matching snare drum is probably the biggest surprise. Tuned medium-high, it sounds really good. I'm usually a metal snare kind of guy but this wood snare has made a believer out of me.


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A late 1970's Paiste 22" Dark China somewhere between NOS and gently used, a bit of wavy edge but nothing major.
Waited for years to get this model at the right price. She's a mysteriously dark cymbal when brushed quietly that can be a deafening monster too.
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That's my experience with Paiste too; they can be incredibly loud without losing their composure.

Super nice (y)


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are they all internal? and it looks like they do not mount permanently right?

can be internal or external, depends on how you want to mount them, though i'd reccomend mounting the tom/snare mics externally on the provided mic clips purely due to the size of the mic holders themselves. the bass drum mic can be internally mounted on a shu like ive done, or externally on a mic stand, its down to you and what you want to do :)


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Been busy combing FB Marketplace and Craigslist in the last 2 months. Scored all of this for a total of $630

DW 3mm Cast Bell Brass Snare, Gold hardware, 3 position butt plate (5.5x14)
Roc-n-Soc Throne seat
DW Black Nickle over Brass Snare, Satin hardware (5x14)
DW 9303 Snare Stand
Zildjian 20" A Custom China

Bell Brass.jpgRoc.jpgDW BNOB.jpgrsz_china.jpg
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Yesterday I bought a Sabian SR2 15" Thin Crash. It blends well with what I already had. Peace and goodwill.


How about a thread to celebrate and marvel at our newest purchases? I know I'll enjoy seeing yours.

Here's mine:

A mixed box of toys. Evans g2 over g1 coated for my yamaha kit, tight screws and trick quick release cymbal toppers.

A quick release hi hat drop clutch, some rods, some brushes, emperors for my saturn kit, and a 20" emad which could go on either of my 20'' kicks. Also a dw cowbell mount.

I'm so happy.

You must post pictures wherever possible.

Non drum related things are encouraged.
I’ll bite...22” Evans clear EMAD, and 8,10, 12 and 16” Evans G2 costed heads ?


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8x14 segmented old growth heart pine. I’ve intentionally ordered the interior shell in raw form. Drum should ship next week. Fellas at Outlaw do some innovative things with new, and reclaimed timber.


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Ludwig Acrolite, from local pawn shop. I looked down and my snare collection is building. I may need to look for a display or storage rack.