What's your latest purchase?

Trip McNealy

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Rounding out my live gig setups. Really impressive stuff!

- Sabian 22" HHX Complex Med Ride
- Zildjian 20" K Sweet Crash
- Evans UV2 tom batter heads and EC Reso heads


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some good boxing day deals here north of the border at Long & McQuade I jumped on:

- Tama Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat stand for $50
- Sabian Regular Hi-Hats (pre-AA) for $30
- Sabian Quick Stick Bag for $20

Ghostin one

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Got a Resotune. They're still on sale for $99.99 at this moment:

VERY happy with this tuner. I was able to get a low tuning on my Renown set easily, something I had trouble with before.


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Giving the KickPro a try. This will be my first time ever I bought something to put inside a bass drum. My initial reaction (sitting at the kit, pumping away at my bass drum) was that the sound is tighter and more focused, but that may be my spent money talking.


Jeremy Bender

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Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play along book with CD

A book of charts with studio big band recordings. I've definitely got my work cut out for me for a while!


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18” HHX Complex Thin Crash. Had a Paiste prototype 18 that was too bright and loud for the rest of the kit, so I brought it into the drum shop to see what could take its place. I was already hoping to find one of these, so I took the plunge and brought it home. It’s buttery and warm and wonderful and i think I’ll have to get the matching 20” crash before too long.

Also got my one remaining Christmas gift, a Meinl build-your-own cajon kit!


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Limited edition (100 made) Tama Simon Phillips signature snare to commemorate his 40th year with them. The tone is pleasant enough but despite the flanged hoops, the drum is very controlled with few overtones. Perhaps the three air vents negate the hoop type which should open up the drum. Not meant for loud volume situations. Simon is my favorite drummer so this was purchased more as a collectible.



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latest investment was these, some lewitt DTP340TT tom/snare mics, and a lewitt DTP340 rex bass drum mic, gotta say out of all the microphone brands ive used in the last 20+ years, these are by far the best i've used!