What's your latest purchase?


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Gonna try out a few pairs of the Vic Firth Freestyle. I've loved playing the X5A/X55A/X5Bs but these felt really great when I gave them a little go in the store. Time will tell.


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Right place at the right time...and I've just been around drums long enough to know more about most of the used products than the kids that take them in and price them at the big box stores. The look on the manager's face was priceless because he knew exactly what it was and what had happened when he flipped the tag over but I'm a frequent flyer up there, so we all just had a good laugh. They've made a mint off of me, so they had no problem letting that slide and they took it like champs. Great folks! We even caught the guy as he was coming back from lunch and had a chance to educate him.
The correct reply was supposed to be:
"People laughing and dancing and paying entirely too much for their beer."

12" Vater single sided practice pad. Whats nice is was marked 24.99 the salesman and I were talking about the pad he pulled off the rack for me and i liked it. I went to pay it wrang up like $40 something dollars. I said yo that’s not what it’s was marked at. I said not for nothing you should honor that price of $24.99 he called the store manager over and without hesitation he said “ Your absolutely correct and we will honor it “ it was a great score for the price.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Three more 7" Moongel pads and Evans pad stands.

I might even get more of them to be able to practice movement on this surface and just have them everywhere. Very easily transportble package, though.

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I just purchased a new pair of Paiste PST7 14" heavy high hats. I cannot believe how good they sound. I expected them to sound good but these are incredible.


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grabbed a used Pearl HH stand to replace the 1955 Speed King HH stand I am using with my 1955 Ludwigs. I don't want that old stand to get trashed. The drums will be fine though!


Got a 20" Zildjian Oriental crash of doom
20" Zildjian oriental China Trash
18" Sabian aax Stage crash
16" Sabian Aax Metal crash
12" Meinl Soundcaster custom splash
12" Meinl Classics China
7" Stagg Bell
9" LP ice bell
All for $390 delivered to my door!
Also just bought a Pearl reference Brass 14x5 Snare for $450!
Where did you purchase these cymbals?? That sounds like a steal!


I got an evans calftone batter and reso heads for all my drums during cyber monday. And a hazy 300 + puresound equalizer snare wire for the snare reso. Was around $200 for everything.