What's your latest purchase?

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Which DAW

Either you're really on a roll, or you're developing a problem. ;)

Got enough room for all those sets you've been getting lately?
I decided to go with Presonus Studio One Pro. I think it will be more than ample for where I want to end up. I've
installed it on my video production computer (Mac OS) as it should be very stable with my current computer set up.

Gearwise, I'm fortunate enough to have a modest shell bank, but I only have room for one kit to be set up at a time,
otherwise no multiple kits. Snares . . . that's a different story.

I've had a game plan for the last decade to acquire a list of specific gear before I retire. I'm just a little bit ahead of schedule
on gear and I should be in a good position for a "soft" retirement next year. I really enjoy working, but for the first time I'm
looking forward to more balance. I want to spend time with my family as well as concentrate on writing, woodshedding
and learning the ins and outs of recording drums. That should keep me off of the streets.

K Chez

Just decided to join the rest of the modern world and retired my Tascam MK414 cassette 4-track and replaced it with a Tascam US 1800 interface . Also, my bro who is an IT guy, hooked me up with a new PC for the recording rig-Windows 10 Pro/Intel Core i3 3.4 gHz/12 GB Ram/465 GB Hard Drive. Got a couple new DAWs to play with/figure out; Reaper & Cakewalk.
Also, came across a great deal I couldn't pass up and pulled the trigger on a Tama Speed Cobra 910. I have to say, right out of the gate with minimal adjustments, I'm really impressed-very smooth & quick, and has a lot of power for such a light feeling pedal. Can only get better as the driveshaft has about 1" of slop in the universals, gonna replace with my Trick.Recording-1.jpgTama-Speed-Cob-1.jpg


I had a 20” K heavy ride for sale. A guy asked if I would trade it for his Pearl Limited Edition 14x8 snare. I countered with trading my ddrum AMX snare, straight up. He went for it. 88065


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I buy drums as pieces of art.
I like my gretsch for the beautiful wood they use.
Lately bought 4 or 5 Tama superstar kits.
Like the die cast hoops and the sound they produce.
I've spent about $10,000 this year on drum kits..just to compare the different wood species and head combinations.
I hate the demos online..never sound as they do when you actually use the gear..need to demo everything myself.


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I also found this Supra last week. Sure it's pitted and there's some rust on the top hoop and lots of rim cheese and dark grey dust bunnies, however, most of the chrome is there, the throw off works great and there are no signs of it being dropped or dented. It also has original heads, top and bottom and, I was shocked to find the original snare wires, in perfect undamaged shape, still held on with the original strings. Given that this is an early 70's model, I thought it was cool to find a drum that was put together before I was born and has retained every single part that it left the factory with. I haven't done anything to clean it yet. Here's the latest find:



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As a gigger, my constant purchases are sticks (Vic Firth 5A, 7A, Steve Jordan and Dave Weckl), and floor tom bolts.