What's your latest purchase?


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Brought home the pictured TRS Custom Drums drum set today.
I am really happy with how this kit came out. It utilizes their Custom Craft shells. Maple shells with a vertical exterior ply and an inner vertical ply of African Mahogany . The finish is a gloss acrylic lacquer in their version of Gretsch Caribbean Blue in a Burst.

Stick saver hoops, beaver tail reissue lugs, INDe tom bracket, DW rail mount and DW cymbal arm mounts on the bass drum.




I got this 2004 ish era Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute shell pack a couple of months ago. The pic is of the actual drums. When I bought them the guy had them all in hard cases and then wrapped in soft sheets. They are literally in new condition. Spotless. Great deal at $1500 CAD. I've always wanted a Yamaha birch kit so a bit of a dream kit for me. First time I've had a 20" bass drum but I kinda like it. Need to add a 16" floor tom and I'm all set.



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Recently bought some new heads for my kit. Coated Ambassadors for top and bottom of my toms. Coated Ambassador with a hazy snare side for my snare. Haven't been able to play a lot because of the cold though. Need a new space heater for my place


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I had Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket and I've recently been looking into joining a local band, so I figured it was about time I finally bought at least some rudimentary travel protection for my kit.

My snares both came with bags when I bought them, so I only needed bags for my bass, two rack toms, and two floors. Got a lightly used Gator "fusion" pack of bags for three of my toms, a new Humes & Berg Galaxy bag for my 18" floor, and a used Tuxedo bag for my bass.

Also got a used Sabian Cymbal Vault hardcase, which I somehow managed to fit all TEN of my cymbals inside of. I don't really expect or really want to make this a frequent practice (for the sake of my cymbals and my back), but it's nice to know that it's possible anyway. This is what fits inside, from bottom to top of the stack:
22” Paiste Signature Power Ride
20” Paiste 2002 Wild Crush Ride
18” Paiste PST7 Heavy Crash
17” Paiste Alpha Metal Crash
16” Paiste Alpha Rock Crash
14” Paiste Alpha Boomer Hi Hat Top
14” Paiste Alpha Boomer Hi Hat Bottom
12” Paiste 302 Plus Splash
10” Paiste PST 7 Splash
18” Paiste 502 China