What's your favourite voice?


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The title pretty much says it all.

I'm sure everyone has that type of drum or cymbal that they love above the rest, be it snare, floor tom, china or ride.

For me it's the snare. So versatile in that it can create a very full range of sounds when played well. Even more specifically, rimshots. The richness of the sound just rings right through me.

My favourite of someone elses is Benny Greb's floor tom. It just...kaboom.

What's your favourite voice?
I'd go snare as well. A mediocre sounding tom or bass drum is something I can live with, but the snare has to be the way I like it. I'm willing to bet most drummers would agree. Always liked the sound Chad Smith and Bonham got from theirs.


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Nice topic. Got me thinking ... I go through phases and I bounce around a lot. Bass drums, hi hats, snares, crashes, toms, rides ... pretty much everything at one time and another. Lately, it's been crash cymbals. To me they're like rides in that there's a sweet spot between too heavy and too thin where they really hit the spot.

But I don't think I have a favorite single voice. When each element of the kit is dialed in, life is good!


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Roger Taylor's snare&hi-hat raise combo. Not really a voice more than it is a technique, but it sounds awesome.

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Good question, difficult answer(s)...

I'd say it's the Hi-hat, snare and bass drum all at once, that's the "voice" of a groove, but if I had to put only one down, I would say it's the bass drum, it's the anchor of the beat and the element which create the pulse in a backbeat groove.


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Hi Hat for me. I have always been picky with my hat sound. Has to be right.

I got some 14" Dream Bliss hats about 9 months ago and I tingle every time I sit at the kit and play them again.

Also, they had the added benefit of being cheap, in comparison to the other big name hats I tried.

So versatile. Open, closed, bell, bottom bell, half open, etc etc. You get the picture.


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Right now it's the hihat, I am always fascinated when drummers sneak in little hihat stuff on the feet or a big accent with the hihat splashing open.


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That's like asking, out of all your children, who do you like the best? I can't answer that, they are all interdependant. What's a snare without the contrast of the kick?


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My personal favorite is the Hi-hat, I simply like it, no idea why. Maybe the lack of rebound which makes me work a bit harder? I don't really know.
Bass drum + Snare + Ride... as a rhythmic marriage!

For the time being, as a tempting voice is got to be the 24" Giant Beat Ride.


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I think the snare drum makes the most important sound in the kit, and thus can make or break the rest of the drum sound.


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if it were possible to be totally in sync with another drummer who was playing the rest of the kit, i'd be perfectly happy smacking the snare on two and four.


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The hi-hat, i just love everything about it. I'm very picky about it's sound. Of course though, like Larry said, what's a good hi-hat without the rest of the kit?

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The snare drum. It's the drum many of us start with. Just a snare drum. It's the one drum I've always held on to when everything else was gone.