What's your favourite metal/ rock beat?


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Hi everyone, I just want to know which song do you reckon has the best beat for metal & rock. My favourite metal beat is the beat from Megadeth's song called holy wars .... The punishment due. For rock beat is probably Californication by red cold chilli peppers


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For metal probably Paschendale by Iron Maiden or Jesus Christ Pose by Soundgarden. For rock either Tom Sawyer by Rush or Spoonman by Soundgarden.

Super Phil

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Don't know about absolute favorite, but the opening part of Animate by Rush is awesome. Love the bell of the ride on the off beat.
Since the op brought up Megadeth, I always liked the groove in Train Of Consequences.


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I absolutely love playing Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighter's. Such a great beat and the fills compliment the song perfectly.


My favourite drumming intro is perhaps 6:00 by Dream Theater. That running fill on the octobans into that groove is killer. But favourite beat that is the staple part of a song, can't beat War Pigs by Black Sabbath.


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Chad Smith's 6/8 triplet fill groove in 'Breaking the girl'. So much fun and flows so well with the song


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For metal, it't nothing to hard to play but the sixteenth not triplet part in Metallica's "One".

For rock, I would say Smells Like Teen Spirit.


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Since RHCP has been brought up several times, I love the groove in Suck My Kiss. I've never played it in a live setting (I think the bass players are afraid to tackle anything by Flea), but I love playing along to it.

Duck Tape

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Pretty tough one.

For straight up rock, it's prob gotta be something chad smith does. Also really dig 'the box' by AIC.

For metal I just don't get off on the generic double bass stuff anymore.. I love the syncopated/compound stuff Morgan Agren, Tomas Haake and Matt Halpern play.

For progressive rock, Virgil.