What's your favorite "Blues" song?




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Dudes I came across in metal/punk were always like "hey, here is how I played that lick" or" dude, come jam with us sometime"....blues/ jazz was: "who are you? Who do you know? You can go away now...."
Wha did a self professing blues hater expect?
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this was before I was a blues hater...this is what started it in a way...
I think AC⚡DC is the defining band for me as a white dude...actually I believe eastern European, Irish, South African and Appalachian along with some Creek and Cherokee...but when I think of the blues I tend to lean towards my favorites.

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one amazing guitarist who managed to blend blues and rock into some delicious vibes.

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ZZTop - Jesus Just Left Chicago
Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way


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Little Willie John...I love his song "I'm Shaking".

I actually played that in one of the bands I was in.

Is "Folsom Prison Blues" a Blues song? Sounds like a Country song to me
Can anyone discern the differences in blues and country? IMO they overlap with many similarities and if you can tell me specifically how they differ I’d be interested in learning.

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I am not a fan of the blues...probably the only one, I know...

I play a TON of them in my country band, but until I got into that band, I went 45 years without really ever paying attention to the blues. I know they influence a ton of stuff that I do like, but straight out blues is just boring to me. I play it in the band I am in b/c I like the guys I play with, I like it when other people are having fun listening to what they like and I wanted to expand my style knowledge...

I DEFINITELY respect and am fascinated by the history of the blues in American culture, so when I play, I am always trying to do that justice as well

not trying to throw shade, but also just curious to see of anyone else is not a blues fan....honestly, other than real young kids, I have NEVER met someone who doesn't love the blues....
I disliked it until fairly recently - because it's the standard output of lazy, overweight pub bands. And there's a certain strain of blues (Chicago, I think) by the likes of BB King that is prone to sounding very cliched, repetitious and superficial.
The good stuff though, I know realise, is very very good indeed.
Smokestack Lightning - Howling Wolf for instance.


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Smokestack Lightning or just about anything by Howlin' Wolf. Wang Dang Doodle also by Howlin' Wolf (also duet with Koko Taylor). If you are unfamiliar - study Willie Dixon. The writer of more real blues songs that I have seen on this entire list. P.S. the estate of Willie Dixon sued the crap out of Led Zeppelin for plagiarism of many of his songs. Educate yourself, folks. Most of the people on this list were standing on the shoulders of giants (Etta James, Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters...pretty much the entire Chess catalogue).