What's your "day" job?


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What's your day job...Sitting around and doing nothing. Retired!!! Former Air Force/airline pilot with a short tour of misery as a Nursing Home Administrator. Yeah how 'did' that happen? So now I just sit around and piss everyone off on Face Book and when the arthritis says I can play I bang on my... set. What did you think I was gonna say?


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I'm a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care.

It's where you see the worst of the worst of people's health.

There's some very cruel and unforgiving diseases out there.

My only advice to you all is this......

Every single day, tell your loved ones just how much you love them.
My friends that are in the medical field tell me the exact same thing. Life comes and goes quick


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I got a masters degree in history & sociology, but meanwhile life happened and i am now a postman :)
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I currently work at the Soul Crushing, Mind Numbing, Is this All I Have to Look Forward to Until I Die factory.
Still my favorite response. Sorry man but it just feels so heartfelt like you really mean it. That's what makes it such a juicy response.

You and me, let's write a hit blues song that say Keb Mo will record, relating how your life force is being wasted into areas that You. Just. Don't. Care. About.
Unfortunately I don’t have a day job (retired). Was in a helicopter mishap in Afghanistan in 2006 and haven’t worked a day job since.

not as cool as it sounds ha!


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I fix electronic systems on fighter jets and am pursuing a software development degree. My wife will be a nurse before I become a software developer though so... SUGAR MOMMA HERE I COME!! 😁


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I retired in 2009 at the age of fifty. My wife and I are heavily involved in animal rescue, we travel a good bit, she is a hospice volunteer, and I have my music. We've kept ourselves busy.

Earlier this year a lifelong friend was stuck, and needed someone to help out with a family business. After nearly ten years of retirement bliss, I took a part time job as a daylight bartender of a local bar. The extra cash is fun money. I've bought five high end snare drums and a shell bank of Gretsch USA Customs with it. So far it is fun, I'll likely do it another year or two. But I do miss being able to jump in the car or on a plane at a moment's notice and zip across the country.