What's your "day" job?


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What's your day job...Sitting around and doing nothing. Retired!!! Former Air Force/airline pilot with a short tour of misery as a Nursing Home Administrator. Yeah how 'did' that happen? So now I just sit around and piss everyone off on Face Book and when the arthritis says I can play I bang on my... set. What did you think I was gonna say?


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I'm a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care.

It's where you see the worst of the worst of people's health.

There's some very cruel and unforgiving diseases out there.

My only advice to you all is this......

Every single day, tell your loved ones just how much you love them.
My friends that are in the medical field tell me the exact same thing. Life comes and goes quick


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I worked at a hospital for 15 years and saw some pretty bad, and sad things. Go hug everyone you can.


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I got a masters degree in history & sociology, but meanwhile life happened and i am now a postman :)
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