What's your "day" job?


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I work for a HVAC company in Pennsylvania. I'm basically the warehouse guy (shipping and recieving). This is only my third job I've ever had in my entire life. I first worked for a plumbing & heating company, then worked at a music store (where I also used to teach), and now my current job...I can't seem to get away from plumbing! LoL.

I'm going to take my civil service test for a job opening at a post office next week! I need to start making more money...too many drum stuff I want!


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I am working as Research Associate on a Transportation Research Institute at North Carolina State University.
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I'm a lawman, currenly a Lieutenant and section commander. Started playing drums back when a career in law enforcement was nowhere near my idea of the future. Go figure. My department has several drummers in it, including another lieutenant. Drumming is one of the best de-stressors I know. Besides, do you know how much trouble I'd be in if I treated suspects like I do my Evans G2's?


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I recently graduated from college, and am the "Crew Chief/Director" at a television station. Pushing buttons for a living man...can't beat it. PLUS I get to hire all the college interns
I was able to set up my kit in one of the television studios and record some stuff with company equipment, until a rather expensive camera lens was destroyed.
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Thumper1518 said:
I'm a lawman ... My department has several drummers in it ...
This seems to be pretty common. If you haven't already, check out Billy Ward's forum (www.billward.com), and catch up on his activities with the NYPD drummers ... he started working with them after 9/11, and will be marching with them ... in uniform ... in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!!

If I were to ever get nabbed for something (which couldn't possibly be anything worse than jay-walking, I assure you!), I'd hope to get cuffed by another drummer ... we do tend to take good care of our own! :cool:


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I'm the director and a teacher at a small language school in NE China. It is beginning to interfere with my drumming, though, so I'm going to quit after my current contract and go back to the U.S. for the first time in TEN YEARS. I am nervously looking forward to it.


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I work for Electronic Data Systems doing computer tech support for Nextel Employees on the corporate level. It pays the bills. I wish more than anything I could make a decent living just playing drums.


I am a manager of system and network engineers for a major online brokerage firm. Not exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it's a living.


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Have been in Architecture for 18 years, mostly commercial and healthcare, now the director of design for a residential developer.


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Sales manager in industrial tools and hardware distributor since 10 years,before that i used to play full time in an original and covers rock band.I just needed to make some money so i quit playing rock'n'roll lolllll :)


I'm a "Technical Support Specialist" for an Industrial Electronic Controls Manufacturer. "Sonor Drummer" has probably wired some of our stuff. :)


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i'm a web designer. i consider it a modest job, but i'm doing better than most of my musicially inclined friends. the vast majority of them are ghetto, lol. i'm lucky to be able to check this forum while i work.


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I have my own local computer repair business. It's a living...sigh. 20 years ago I played music full-time, travelled to most of the Western US and Canada doing shows and dance gigs. Lots of fun but glad to be out of it at my age.


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I'm a student at Univ. of California, Davis. I also intern in sacramento.

I'm learning japanese and doing premed there. I hope to start a private practice with some fellow buddies i have in the same field.

I have no place to drum in this area and haven't really had chances to jam since i moved to college 3 years ago, so if anybody has a place a rusty drummer could chill and drum near Cali's capital, hit me up =)