What's the toughest technique/fill/groove you've learned and how long?


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I'm fortunate we have a place where we can vent (respectfully of course) about our drumming experiences.

I was wondering what technique, fill, groove, etc., was the most difficult for you to learn, and how long it took you to be able to use it with confidence?

I'm asking because 8 months ago I switched over to a double bass pedal. I'd been playing now for about 2.5 years after taking a 25 year break (yeah, I know...). I started back with a single pedal for about 1.5 years, then decided to go double so I could add more flavor to my fills than my single pedal. I'm pleased with my technique on the single pedal, and I mainly do heel-toe. I don't play any metal, but I love what the double bass can add.

My biggest challenge has been learning the double bass pedal to the point where I can do single stroke rolls for 2 minutes (Derek Roddy). My legs just start giving out after 20 minutes - heel up.

What's challenged you guys and for how long?


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I started working on linear triplets (aka Bonham triplets) over a year or so ago, after my wife saw another drummer do them. (She told me..."that guy would give you a run for your money. I can't have her thinking that, so I started shedding them lol) They only started creeping into my playing a few months ago. They are hard for me to get really even sounding. Incorporating them seamlessly is also a challenge for me. I don't use them like JB does, I usually use just 1 quick triplet at an opportune spot. They do work nice on "drummy" endings.


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+1 Larry. I can do one or two but to roar through 4 of them and crash my way out is still a challenge. Love to mix them with 16ths though but that is alot of fill to try to fit in any song.


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my bad. i misread the topic. i thought it was: What do you find most difficult.

i was about to add that quarters on the hi-hats are a drag too.


: )