What's the story behind your user name?


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Mine was by total accident. Years ago, I was looking for a song on a television commercial, I googled and it lead me to a music forum. To ask the forum I had to join. I needed a name, and for some unknown reason Hey Macarina popped into my head. Sure why not. It don’t mean anything.

Well I liked the group, stuck around and ever since, this is what I use whenever I join a group.


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I always wanted to have a username that emphasized my love of Zildjian cymbals. It was by pure luck that there was no existing "ZildjianLover" member on Drummerworld when I investigated to make sure I could use the name without having to add a 1 or other number after it.


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My very first user name on the internet and my alias has always been Winegums, due to the fact that I couldn't think of anything and there was a bag of them right next to my key board.


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In the States, they call them Jujy Fruits yes Jujy Fruits, and more recently Gummi Bears.

Jujy Fruits are capable of unseating the best of dental work lol.

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Wine gums are the way forward. You must try empty the whole bag into your mouth and then phone a random number and speak to whoever answers...


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I can't even remember the last time I had any Wine Gums but they're wine flavoured gummies that tend to have teeth breaking abilities if they're stale.


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I thought I posted in this thread but I guess not so here goes.

As some of you are aware, I am from the 8th planet circling the star you call Omicron Persei (see my location info). My name is Lrr Kmj. When I arrived here, I met a fellow named Jim Fiore. I thought it was an odd name but he told me this true story:
"When I was born, my parents and siblings each wrote a name on a slip of paper and placed it into a hat. The first name drawn was to be my first name and the second was to be my middle name. My mother pulled out the two names but preferred the reverse order. Being the mother, she was allowed to do so. That is how I got my name. Had she grabbed different slips, you might be talking to Paul Fiore right now."
We laughed together for a moment and then I ate him. He was tasty; a little sweet, a little tangy, but not too spicy, so I remind myself of that by using his name.