What's the most difficult instrument you've ever tried to learn or play?


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I didn't actually try to learn piano but I have tinkered with it for fun. (I don't even like the sound of the piano).
But anyway, four limb independence is difficult enough. Ten finger independence? No thanks!


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Completely coincidence, promise! Again though... words. "Stiff rehearsal" just came to me. I didn't try to analyze it and figure out why. I just ran with it and maybe I'll figure it out later. You happened to figure it out before I did.

No devil here LOL

Yeah, right!

Either way, I appreciate your sense of humour.

I didn't actually try to learn piano but I have tinkered with it for fun. (I don't even like the sound of the piano).
But anyway, four limb independence is difficult enough. Ten finger independence? No thanks!

Plus two pedals; three if you're a pro.

Solo snare drum.

Now you're just rubbing it in!

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Well, I think any instrument can be difficult depending on our standard and the styles you choose to play.

I guess the instruments I can handle on a so called "professional" level are the electric guitar, bass, saxophone and drumset.

I dabble with brass, piano, other woodwinds(mainly flute and clarinet) and various percussion like tabla, cajon etc...

The case can be made that there are too many variables.

Because of responsibility, need for control, and that it's more common to stretch expand and stretch the boundaries I think the drumset is what I consider the hardest. It's more physical and more dependant on having a "good day." On those other instruments I can get by even if I'm tired and not quite as focused. Very hard on the drums. You can't fake balance and groove. The extra energy you have pull out to "fake it" on the drums is much higher.

Also, because of the drummers job in most styles any idiot can spot a mistake.

For similar reasons, the humble triangle, especially in an orchestral setting, can be pretty demanding.


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Any mouth instrument. I can't get past the lip vibrations to actually learn anything. I can't handle how it feels.

Guitars. Have been owning and playing on them for over 20 years. I don't know 1 whole song still. My fingers don't work like that and I don't think melodically. They make awesome wall decorations though.

Violin. On top of the finger/thinking melodically issue, that bow can kiss my ass. My wife has a violin. I've tried to play it, and three cats threatened me with violence that day.

I can play the piano. I'm not very good at it. I have to learn the left and right parts separately then put them together. Yeah, I suck.

My brother, he is one of those people who can pick up any instrument and play it without much effort. He pisses me off sometimes.

Rochelle Rochelle

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Guitar for me. I bought one 20 years ago and never really got past the tuning. I have very small hands that just couldn't stretch that much. It does look cool sitting on a stand. Drums on the other hand were much easier for me to pick up and get better at.


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Guitar also for me. Still can't figure out how the top players play such clear chords and make their fingers dance up and down the fretboard with such ease. Many who can't play make the excuse of being born with hands unsuitable for guitar. I'm one of them.


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I'd love to be able to sing! I'd have to describe my voice as a sort of barimonotone. One night at rehearsal I got fired up and sang along with everyone else. Afterwards, one of the guys asked me what key I was singing in. I said "Mine!"

I've played drums since I was 7 and had good teachers and mentors all through school. I dabble a little on guitar. I dink around on harmonica, but am pretty bad.


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I like to beat things-it just comes natural. I've tried other instruments and I like them nor anything wrong with them. But I"ve always enjoyed beating and banging. In fact my parents had a heck of time even as a small child. I guess I was just an excitable boy.


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I hear ya brother.

I have a trombone and I can't play it. The vibrations always make me laugh.

I can laugh when playing drums, but not trombone.
Clarinet for me. My sister plays one, and I used to enjoy hearing her play it when we were younger. I bought a student model a while back. I can't do it.


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Had a Ukrainian neighbour who played marvelously. Boy, could she ever play. I gave it a whirl, the drawing-out and compressing of the bellows, the pushing of the buttons, the keys, forget it.

Bagpipes is another. Forget it. Like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time, while carrying on with a full-fledged tune.