Whats the bEst way to learn a complicated pattern?


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So, I do a bit of all the above - each limb individually, then all together really slow etc etc.

However, its depends whats hard. Sometimes a rest is actually harder than a beat (ie, hitting 4 things simultaneously with 4 limbs all at once repeatedly, is pretty easy!) so sometimes if you just add a beat or two at the points your tripping up, get used to playing it, then move the extra beat to another drum, and move it again to that "invisible drum above your head", and then make that note a grace note, a gracier note, an even gracier note (all the while this "note" is a mimed drumming action on an imaginary drum just to get your muscle memory going) and eventually your body will work out it can be lazy and it can get away with skipping the beat.

I'm amazed sometimes how subconsciously my body will adapt; I was playing a kick pattern the other day with an annoying rest on a beat that I couldn't stop playing, and eventually I got it, and realized I was practically kneeing myself in the chin with my foot playing the beat upward away from the pedal. Looked like a twat but that's practice, but once you HAVE done it right, you can do it right again with increasingly less effort.