what's the best line of sonor drums from the 80's for jazz?

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i was wondering which line of sonors would be the best for bebop ? in particular the phonic's, signitures, or sonorlites.


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Billyboy, the Sonor Lites are probably the best shell for jazz IMO. Most of the others are pretty thick shells, although they sound really good, the next model that would fit would be the HiLite which might of come out after 89'. Slightly thicker shells, but not as thick as the Phonic and Sig.

All the info you could want is here below, including the forum to get great info..




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The Sonorlite drums are not plentiful in the used market.
At least in the USA that is the case.
I have never seen a Sonorlite drum up close.
You may be better off searching for the contemporary Delite series.

The Sonor Ascent Jazz Series is a great jazz and Bop kit that I have had the privilege of playing.
Beechwood shells.
The reason why Beechwood was used in Sonor drums is because the beer brewing industry in Germany used it to contain the "beir" in the breweries.
Budweiser uses beechwood in the US to hold its brew. Beechwood is used in beer processing because it doesn't flavor the brew like other woods do.
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I recall an older Sonor article back in the day when they were all about a nice thick shell and whatever heads you used helped to determine your sound (remember those ads where the guy was standing on top of a bare shell on its side in old Modern Drummer mags?). With that in mind, if you're a really good player, it probably shouldn't matter which Sonor drums you choose - even if you went with those monster power toms from the '80s. If your concern is to look like you're in the Blue Note era wearing a suit playing jazz at Birdland, then you're just talking about aesthetics.