Whats the best bang for the buck????


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Mapex Orions (if you like the more vintage or mainstream maple sound) or Mapex Saturns (more low end, more attack, great for more modern styles). You can get either on eBay or used at your local store for under $1500 easy.
I second this. I have the Orions and they sound terrific, they tune low or high and cut through. Their 900 series hardware also rocks.


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My vote... Save up a good 700$ and look at Gretsch. My brother has a 6 piece catalina Maple he got for $650. Still looks amayzing and sounds just as great. Gretsch really knows whats up.
I hear what you,and alot of others on hear say about the catalinas,but its not a upgrade,pro kit.The yamaha stage custom kit i have is the same animal.The kit im going to get is not going to be taken to gigs ,its going to stay at my home and gazed upon...........Well if its a really cool gig i could be tempted........


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I think if you are looking for bang for the buck, you should seriously give Pearl MCX Masters a look! Fabulous drums!!


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Yeah, I've never played one But I 've heard that the oak customs sound awesome, especially for he price point. There's a sonor s-classix 10, 12, 16, 22 on ebay right now brand new for 1600, that's a steal, top of the line kit for a great price too.
Could not find that kit.In the s classic line with the sizes i want they are $3,500.00

wy yung

If you are based in the US you should be able to find a good deal. I have seen kits such as new Tama Starclassic maple kits offered for around $1200.00 US.

The Yamaha kit you have is fine for what it is. Unlike others here I do not advise you trade one intermediate kit for another, such as a Renown. It is obvious you want a high end drum set. And that is what you should get.

As for brand? All high end kits sound good. You like DW? Have you had any experience with a DW kit? If not before you purchase be very careful. Check bearing edges and make sure the shells has a wide tuning range. I have seen some real dogs of kits from DW. The same goes for Pearl Reference. These drums are incredibly inconsistent.

If you can find a Japanese Starclassic, I highly recommend those. The birch bubinga kits are great as well. Yamaha high end kits such as the Absolutes and 9000 series are beautifully made. As another mentioned, don't forget Mapex. They are making great drums these days. Other kits such as Pearl Masters and Ludwig high end kits are also worth checking.

Don't hurry though. It's a buyer's market these days.


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I don't believe you should judge a set because it didn't knock your socks off in the store. I could take my beautiful sounding DW's and tune them so they sound bad. Really bad. Any drum takes time to extract the good tone from it and judging in the store is judging with incomplete sonic information.

Conversely, if a kit sounds great in a store, you have to be aware that perhaps they are tuned just right so that the other kits in the general vicinity are resonating sympathetically, falsely contributing to the "good" sound you are hearing.

Cymbals are easier to choose than drums. Just because a poorly tuned drum kit sounds bad in the store, doesn't mean that the same kit can't sound KILLER with the different heads and great tuning.

Drums IMO are one of the hardest instruments to get a great sound from, just another difficulty in becoming a great drummer.

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I think if you are looking for bang for the buck, you should seriously give Pearl MCX Masters a look! Fabulous drums!!
Hey A-customs,

I agree with Pearly on this.
Talk about bang for your buck, the Pearl Masters MCX are the real deal!
They sound phenomenal, come in some stellar sparkle finishes, and fall into your $1500 range.
The MCX also comes with a lifetime warranty.
When you get a chance check them out.