What's on your "wishlist"?


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offloading some drum gear so not much on my wishlist at the moment


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I have my basics covered, but it would be nice to add a couple different voices, like a nice wood snare to contrast with my metal snare, and a different ride cymbal or two to switch out. I do wish for a good set of mics/stands/cables.


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I'd like to find a 22" Paiste Dry Heavy Ride someday, as well as an 80s Tama Bell Brass. Of course neither of those are made anymore, and in the case of the bell brass, cost multiple limbs, and I need those. For things.

Honestly at this point I have so much great drum gear, I could hardly want anything more. And so I've apparently moved on to acquiring vintage tube amps...


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Tama teased a 40th Anniversary Stewart Copeland snare a couple of months ago, so I’m hoping that sees the light of day.


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Get at least OK at drums (and guitar, bass, keys, violin, NSFDWF stuff...)


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Two chameleon labs rackmoutable units, one preamp and one buss compressor
One Mac mini to reset the studio in the Den as I cannot expect to play live soon (this one is in preparation from the guy who will sell one to me though)
If I'm lucky, one Tama Star Reserve Bubinga/Maple 15X8 and that's it, not much in fact.