What's On Your Shopping List?

Ollie Bonugli

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****This list is more of a 'I wish I could have all these' list, I have posted a more realistic and probable list****

What drumming-related things are you saving up for? Couldn't find any other threads like this, so here we go.
I'll start off:
Sabian (brilliant finish where possible):
19" HHX X-Treme Crash
18" AAX Metal Crash
19" Paragon China
21" AA Holy China
19" AAX X-Treme China
22" AAX Metal Ride
10" Chopper
11" Max Stax
10" AAX Splash
8" AA Splash
18" Jojo Mayer Signature Fierce crash
19" AAX Tremor
Wuhan (brilliant finish where possible)
12" Traditional Splash
18" Black China
22" China with rivets
18" China
Stagg (brilliant finish where possible)
30" DH Super Ride
12" China Splash
6" DH Splash
Zildjian (brilliant finish where possible)
14" ZXT Titanium Trashformer
18" Oriental China Trash
8" ZXT Titanium Trashformer (a second one)

7 chinas, so when I eventually get them all, I'll have 8...

14" Hazy 300 Snare Side
12", 13", 16" G2 Clear Tom batter heads
12", 13", 16" G1 Clear Tom resonant heads

Edit: (wouldn't fit in the 'Reason for Editing) Edit: Now have the Evans 14" Power Centre Reverse Dot, Evans 22" EMAD head (not the Onyx, I changed my mind) Puresound 20 strand Blasters
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I am looking to get a new longboard kick pedal - not sure of the brand yet but leaning towards Axis. If anyone has a suggestion shoot me an IM...

I also am in dire need of a new throne and snare drum stand - not as exciting as a new pedal, but more needed. I wonder which one I will buy first the gear I want or the gear I need? :)



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Drum mixer Not sure which one yet but need 8 XLRs with preamps
New crash (18" A Custom most likely)
Throne for rehearsal space
New (old) snare (Acro or supra)
Used cymbal stand for rehearsal kit
New ride - no idea yet
China - don't want one but several cover songs have prominent china crashes
Some form of local lighting for my drums

Hollywood Jim

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A pair of 5A drum sticks.

(I'm saving in my piggy bank for bigger things in the future.)

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I can't think of much.

- Heads for practice set
- 18" crash
- New full set of hardware (pretty low on the list)
- Case for new snare (probably my next purchase)


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I'll be looking for a second set of hardware, a pedal upgrade (my DW 3002 can go on the kit I'm not using atm), a few more cymbals, and a 6.5x14 snare (I love the look and sound of the Supralite). But this is all in the somewhat-distant future, after paying off the house and getting my wife a new car. First world problems, right?


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A drum mixer with at least 7 xlr inputs.
20" Paiste 2002 ride cymbal.
Yamaha Stage Custom shell pack.


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I sold my newer Supras but I'm wanting a 6.5 Aluminum again. Not sure what I'm gonna go with.


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I'm looking to order a second Velvetone kick drum from Mapex if possible, a second smaller china than my 19" holy china and a second speed cobra when I do get a second kick.


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Cymbal case (probably going to be one of the SKB ones)
Some parts for an old 24" Slingerland bass drum
2 acrylic toms (13" and 16" maybe)
A 14" wood snare somewhere between 5" and 6,5" in depth

And I always have my ears open to new cymbals. Lately I've been wanting to go to Pistoia in Italy to visit the Ufip factory. It's quite a trip from northern Norway, though :-/


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Pearl P-790 drum throne
Zildjian A 18" Thin crash
Zildjian K 16" Dark thin crash
Powerstroke 3 clear for bass
Evans Genera HD dry
Evans G1 for 13" tom
New snare stand
PDP 800 cymbal stands
Wuhan 10 and 12 inch splashes
Wuhan 20" medium ride
Zildjian A New Beat hi-hats (14")
New bass pedal, not sure what one though...


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Much lighter stands.
A new trap case.
Another cymbal case, or bag.
a Sonor Jojo pedal maybe.
a Tama Speed Cobra double maybe.
That new Meinl 12" Extra Dry Splash.

Oh, and some kind of new e kit with maybe Addictive Drums.

Vintage Old School

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DW6710 Flat base Cymbal Stand (times 2)
SKB 8 X 12" Case
SKB 9 X 13" Case
24" PieSafe Leather Cymbal Bag

And for way down the road . . . . . Joyful Noise 6.5 X 14" Beacon Bronze Snare


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New heads all the way round, batter and resonant.

Hi hats. I need hi hats. The ones I have are, to my ear, total shite. Recommendations for all-rounders? I play a mix of stuff, from Trane to Tool.

Starship Krupa

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Dang Ollie, you're going to start a new Bronze Age.

STXBob: Zildjian New Beats are IMO, the first to check out for versatility.

Dream Cymbals has some very well-respected products. If I had to buy brand new cymbals, it would be a set of Dream Contacts. But they might be kind of thin for Tool.

Me, I'm buying a couple of yards of pistachio sparkle vinyl to wrap the cheapo 20" bass drum I just rebuilt for my gig kit.