What's in Your Bag?


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4x pair of Vater 1A Hickory
3x pair of Vater 5A Los Angeles Hickory
1x pair of Vic Firth Signaure Steve Gadd Brushes
1x Vater Double Sided Pad
Pencil and Paper (Just Because)


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4 Pairs Vic Firth 5A
2 Pairs Vic Firth 7A
1 Random Set of Vaters
1 Set of Black Sticks from an old drum machine
Set of bamboo brush things
Pearl drop clutch
Mapex tuning key
Screw driver
A Wing nut
Lots of plaster from leaning against the wall
A Snickers Wrapper :)

all in the front of my Cymbal back


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vic firth 5B Extreme nylon tip

vic firth 5A Extreme (x2)

vic firth 5A Extreme Nylon tip



drum key

ear plugs



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OK - I prefer signature sticks, but i also has som normal one, here's the list
Vic Firth 8D
Vic Firth 7A
Vic Firth Heritage Brush
Vic Firth Normal Brush
Vic Firth Signature Steve Smith
Vic Firth Signature Peter Erskine (Ride and normal)
Vic Firth Signature JoJo Mayer
Vic Firth Signature Jack DeJohnette
Vic Firth Signature 2x Dave Weckl (Evolution & Normal)
Pro Mark Signature Elvin Jones
Pro Mark 7A Milennium
Vate Percussion Super Jazz

That's it :D


6 pairs of Vater fusion wood tips (but usually the generic type equivalent cus I break sticks all the time)
several drumkeys.
wristbands (I sweat alot)
set lists
wingnuts for cymbal stands.
cymbal sleeves.
extra snare cord.
a small towel


Vic Firth: X5A, 5A, 5BN, 85A, SD10 swinger.
Pellwood RX19 hot rods,
some spare felts,
and a tuning key.


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1 pair 7A Pro Mark wood tip
1 pair 2B Pro Mark Nylon tip
1 pair Zildjian brushes
1 pair 5B Zildjian Dip Nylon Tip
2 pair Zildian Dip Rock Nylon Tip
5 pair Marching Bass drum mallets
3 pair Marching Snare Sticks
2 pair Quint Mallets
3 pair Mallets for mallet percussion
1 drum key
2 pencils

and 1 pimp cane that I use to carry the bag...


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this is what is in my bag.

4 pairs of taylor hawkins serie drum sticks
pro mark brushes
stewart copeland signature sticks
vic firth 5BN and extreme 5B
pro mark hot rods
and a pair of homemade hotrods



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2 x pair Pro-Mark - Mike Portnoy Sig (nylon tip)
2 x pair Pro-Mark - Neil Peart Sig (wood tip)
2 x pair Brushes (1 x wire, 1 x nylon)
2 x pair Hot Rods (1 x heavy, 1 x light)
1 x pair wool mallets
Ear plugs

dw D

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5 or 6 Pairs of Vic Firth 5an
Regal tip Nylon brushes ( a box of 15 pairs from 1988)
1 Pair of wool mallets


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hmm lets see

Vic Firth HD-4
Regal Tip Brushes
Vic Firth Peter Erskine Ride
Vic Firth SD-1 <-----(for school mostly)
Vic Firth Steve Gadd Signature <-----(even though the tips drive me crazy)
Vic Firth Rute
Zildjian Dennis Chambers (with felt on butt end)


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Bag:Vic Firth Leather Bag

5 pair Vic Firth SD4
1 pair Ludwig brushes(very flexible)
1 pair Regal Tip brushes(stiffer)
2 pair Pro Mark Hot Rods
1 pair Vic Firth General Custom Timpani Mallets
1 pair Zildjian Cymbal Mallets
1 pair Vic Firth SD1 General(concert band)
1 pair Vic Firth SD2 Bolero(practice pad work)
Drum keys
Xymox Practice Pad


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first of all i use a pro-mark gig stick bag...looking to hopefully get a leather bound bag soon!

2x Vater 8A Hickory wood tip
3x Vater Recording Hickory wood tip
1x Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Generals (rudiments)
1x Pro-Mark hot rods
1x Vater Retractible wire brushes
1x Pro Mark Model 23 mallets
1x Mike Balter 14B yarn mallets

1 pack of moongels
1 Pro-Mark Rattler
1 pen

i had an extra drum key but i lost it. oh fun!


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My Bag to this second:

Vic Firth 5b wood tip
Ahead Lars Ulrich
Pro-mark mt3 mallets
Assorted Bass Drum Beaters
Regal Tip blasticks (.5 pair, someone found 1 and gave me it)
1 pair of no-name earplugs
wilson tennis grip (for drum sticks)
Ahead Replacment covers
Ahead Replacement tips
Assorted tools (drum keys, wrenches, plyars, etc.)

*My bag is a delux ludwig Leather stick bag*


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I guess I'll add my list... I used to have a nice leather stickbag with a lot more in it, but it got swiped so now I got this cheap Road Runner bag I got from GC.

Anyway here's the rundown

3 Pairs Vic Firth 8Ds
1-2 Pairs Various 5A, I think right now I have one ProMark and one Vater
1 Pair ProMark Hot Rods
1 Pair Vic Firth Steve Gadd Signature Brushes
1 Unknown brand cheap drum key

I'll usually have some quarters in there just in case I need to go to the soda machine or something.

Fat Elvis

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my sweet Zildjian Tre Cool stick bag (yeah, i gotta have the skulls):

3 Pair of VF Steve Gadd Sigs (nylon tip)
3 Pair of Vater Fusions (nylon tip)
1 Pair of VF Steve Smith Rutes
1 Pair of Pro Mark Hot Rods
1 Pair of Zildjian Travis Barker Mallets
1 Pair of VF brushes (white handle)
1 can of Zildjian Stick Wax
2 Pearl Drum Keys
1 Pearl High-Hat clutch (uber old)


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6 pr Pro Mark "The Natural" 747
3 pr Hot Rods
3 drum keys - 1 Sonor, 1 Pearl, 1 Tama
Zildjian Drummer's Survival Kit - snare string, felts, sleeves, washers
Medical tape