What's in Your Bag?

Red Hawk

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cool thread!

i have something like...

10 pair of weckyl's signatures, the maroon ones
a pair of ludwig brushes
some really heavy duty zildjian yarn mallets
a pair of Erskine's sigs for jazz
hot rods
a couple pairs of buddy rich sigs for warming up (they're heavier and more shoulder heavy than the weckyls)
some noname 2bs to give to the singer to bash away on a cowbell if he feels like it
a pocket knife
a couple keys (one on the keychain too, whoever said it gets chicks is right...)
bottle opener
cigarette lighter
business cards (personal and band's)


About 4 pairs of the bigger bulk sticks from guitar center, look like 5bs.
1 pair Reagle Tip Clayton Camoren Brushes.
1 pair ahead 5b sticks.
Egg shaker.
Extra drumkey (always one on the keychain).
A few extra felts.
Hohner Hotmetal harmonica in key of C.
Hohner Hotmetal harmonica in key of D.
2 sets of earplugs.

<<L3o Luk@?>>

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1x ahead 5B (my favourite sticks^^)
5x vic firth 5A
1x shaw roots
1x pro mark hot roots
2x vic firth dave weckl signature
1x gary chester- new breed
1x udo dahmen-drum book


I don't know what's my problem but I'm completly hooked on the 747N from Promark, I've been playing with those for more than a decade. Does somebody suffers from the same?

Red Hawk

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I don't know what's my problem but I'm completly hooked on the 747N from Promark, I've been playing with those for more than a decade. Does somebody suffers from the same?
yeah i've been playing weckyl's maroon sticks for like 8 years, maybe longer. Every time I try anything else it feels weird.


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4 pair Vater 5B (Wood tip)
1 pair Vater Session
1 pair Pro Mark Hot Rods
1 pair Zildjian Mallet Sticks


In my bag

2 x 5A Vic Firth sticks
2 x In the middle of 5A and 7A no name sticks (most used sticks)
1 x 7A Vic Firth sticks
1 x Vic Firth Mallets (for Cymbal)
1 x Vic Firth retractable Brushes


3X - Vater Pro Rock
1X - Vater Xtreme 5b
3X - 'Solutions' crap sticks
1X - Regal Tip Plastic Brushes
1X - Pearl Drum Key
3X - Pearl Power Shifter Pedal Attachment deals
1X - Rubber Hoop Protector that always falls off my bass drum

Vater Pro Rocks Own.


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2x Pair of Pro-mark 5A's Nylon Tip
2x Pair of Vater 5B's Nylon Tip
1x Pair of Vic Firth Rute 606's
1x Pair of Regal Tip Brushes
1x Pair of American Drum Tympani mallets


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4 Pairs Pro Mark 7A American Hickory
4 Drum Keys
Duct Tape
Cymbal Felts
Snare Strands
Tension Rod Washers
Hot Rods
Broken Brushes
Hi- Hat jingler


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I don't use my stick back for the sticks I actually use. :D
I just have some random sticks in the back, mostly just random models I don't use or tried at one time and sticks without a pair.

The sticks I use (Promark 5A Oaks w/ nylon tips) are sitting on the floor beside my kit.


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Since it would probably take a thousand words to describe it, here's a picture instead:

Obviously this is for percussion gigs along with drumming, and I usually empty out a lot of the stuff for drum set gigs.


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2 Pair John Riley Sigs.
2 Pair BIll Stewart Sigs.
2 Pair Peter Erskine "Ride Stick"
1 Pair Dave Weckl Sigs.
Regal Tip Brushes (Retractable)
1 Pair Vic Firth 7A

1 Pair Pro Mark Michael Carvin Sig.
1 Pair Vic Firth AJ6
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8 x Pro-Mark 5A Wood Tip Sticks
1 x Pro-Mark Nylon Brushes
1 x unknown brand hot rods with wood handles that have lasted me over a year
1 x Vic Firth Staccato Mallets
1 x DW plastic/wood bass drum beater
1 x DW single pedal spring
1 x triangle beater
Ear plugs
6 x heavy duty cymbal stand felt washers
Extra tuning key (I keep one in my pocket always)
1 small plastic box with extra (small) metal washers, 10 extra lug keys (my Mapexs all have the same lug keys)
A NA prayer pamphlet
Dried flowers as my mum's blessings


Fun thread.

*Several pairs of sticks for different styles of music. (Heavy hitters/lighter ones)
*Vic Firth brushes
*Felt mallets for warm cymbal swells
*A few keys
*Hearos earplugs
*Cleaning rag
*Small LED flashlight incase something on my pedal breaks in a dark situation
*A little reefer... just kidding