What's in Your Bag?

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Considering the size of my bag, i have alot of stuff in it, (the size of the kind travis barker uses or has or w/e, although i dont use his).

*Each number is the number of sticks, not pairs*

4 Pro Mark 747 Rock Sticks
2 SD1
1 AJ6
2 Joey Jordison sigs. (got free for b-day pres.)
2 Dave Weckl sigs. (Brown not oj).
2 Steve Gadd sigs.
2 SD4
2 Aquarian 2B light sticks
2 Vic Firth General Timpani Mallets
3 Bell/Xylophone reverse mallets (one side is hard plastic, other side is yellow rubber)
2 Neil Peart sigs.
2 Las Vegas sticks (this cool repair man guy that fixed stuff at my house played the drums and sent them to me from vegas. What a guy!)
1 broken Pro Mark 747 Rock stick (i have broken tip also)
1 broken AJ6 (i have broken tip also).

pdp 9091

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2 pairs of Vater Fusion sticks
Drum Tabs

Plain and simple

ps. i only have 2 pairs of the Vaters because they are the most amazing sticks and never break. 2 pairs is all i need.


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4 pair Vic Firth Nylon tip 5A's
2 Pair VF Nylon Tip 5B's
1 Small Gong mallet
2 pair The original Hot Rods
1 pair of Vic Firth Brushes
1 pair Ahead 5A drumsticks


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About 10 pairs of Pro*mark 747B Super Rock, wood tip hickory sticks.
A few pairs of Pro*mark 747B Super Rock nylon tips, oak.
4 pairs of Ahead 5Bs
1pair Regal Tip Classic retractable brushes
Sonor slotted-standard L-shaped drum key
Classic Sonor slotted single drum key
Heavy-duty T-handled DW drum key
A few extra felts and wing nuts for cymbal stands
Electricians tape
Extra pedal springs
Leatherman Multi-tool
Some emergency cash

PS it's a cool ad campaign and an interesting thread. ;)


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Bag: coffin case

1 pair ahead 5b rock with grips
1 pair vic firth hd4 wood (basically 7a)
1 pair vic firth 55a wood (basically 5a)

1 pair vic firth 5b wood
1 pair vic firth as5b wood

1 pair of eating forks, (they sound cool on cymbals for REALLY quiet play)

5 pair Vater Xd 5bn (worlds best sticks)

1 bottle Tylenol extra strength (i have chronic migraines)

3 drum keys

remo practice pad

Ear plugs

multi tool
finger tape
stick tape
duct tape

i have a huge bag, what can i say?


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bag: some random vic firth stick bag

stuff in it:

1 pair of pro mark hot rods

1 pair of Vater 5B hickory sticks

yes... im poor. i didnt even buy the hot rods <--- lol my neighbor bought them for me cuz im so loud AHEUAUE


Damn, I'm feeling quite underequipped now!

1 pr Vater 7A or Dave Weckl Evolution
1 pr 7A Carbostix

1 pr decrepit Promark Rods

drumkey, cymbal felts, snare string, pliers.

I don't carry a stickbag - these all travel in the side pockets of my Rockbag hardware trolley.


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nothing else, just few dave weckl evolution sticks and one pair of regal tip blasticks with wooden handle.....and of course lists of songs from old gigs :D


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Great post...interesting to see how much OR how little others have in their bags. Also, always good to get different ideas on gear.

My bag: Zildjian Stick Bag

2 pr Vic Firth American Classic 5a
2 pr Vic Firth American Custom SD1 General
2 pr Regal Tip Jazz
1 pr Vic Firth American Custom T1 General Timpani Mallets
1 pr Vic Firth HB Brushes - retractable
1 pr Regal Tip non-retractable brushes
1 pr Pro Mark Cool Rods
1 pr Pro Mark Hot Rods
1 pr Pearl Claves
Rhythm Tech egg shakers
Drum Keys
Small Roll Gaffer tape
Multi tool
Ear plugs

I usually carry a canvas "briefcase" type bag on gigs as well which contains spare cymbal felts, snare wires, booklight, drum dial, any music charts/set lists, shaker, bottled water, my digital camera.

Probably too much stuff, but I am too old and set in my ways to change now!

Happy New Year!

Zildjian 242

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11pr Vic Firth HD9's
4pr Vic Firth Carmine Appice Signatures
1pr Vic Firth Jazz Brushes
Drum Gum
Drum Key
2 evans af patch


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2x Vic Firth SSM sticks
2x Vic Firth 5A sticks
1x Regal Tip handbourine
1x Vic Firth timpani mallets
1x Vic Firth jazz brushes
1x LP CP 8' tambourine
1x Crunchips X-Cut salted


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my stick bag is empty itm :p
im getting new sticks in a few days ive killed all the other ones usually i play vic firth X5B's
the next big big load of sticks will be some of the new HD9's and some 3AN's + some millenium sticks just to blast some metal :D

oh i have one question cuz im in a new ska band and were having a gig this month what kinda stick is good for reggae ? im looking for like some funky sound not like fatt rocky sticks ...


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Happy New Year. This is what's in my bag...

(1 Pair) Vic Firth Wire Brush
(1 Pair) Hot Rods
(1 Pair) Vic Firth Felt Mallets
(2 Pair) Vic Firth American Classic Hickory 5AN
(2 Pair) Vic Firth American Classic Hickory 7AN
(1 Pair) Bopworks West Coast
(1 Pair) Bopworks Birdland

(1) Drum Key
(1) LP Bongo Key
(1) 5 Dollar Bill
(1) Spare Monster Cable - for Monitor


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- Vater XD-5Bs
- Vater Los Angeles 5As
- Promark 717 Rick Lathams
- Zildjian Big Band Jazz
- Crappy Mike Balter mallets
- Promark Lightning rods
-Vic Firth Brushes
-Promark Brushes

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I have 2 bags. One for Rock and one for everything else.

Bag one (Rock Bag)
at least 12 pair Regal Tip Metal-X
Ahead Gloves
Ahead Grip Tape on 6 pair of sticks
Foam Earplugs
Drum Keys
Ultimate Ears Super fi 5 Pro In Ear Monitors
Extra Tension Rods

Bag 2
2 pair Regal Tip John "JR" Robinson Brushes
2 pair Regal Tip Grip Thai Sticks
2 pair Regal Tip Blasticks
3 pair Regal Tip "Ride" Model
1 pair Saul Goodman Mallets #6
1 pair Regal Tip 5BX-Nylon
Drum Keys


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2 Vic Firth 7A Sticks
3 Vic Firth 7AN Sticks
Vic Firth Metal N Sticks
RB Maple 7A Sticks
Zildjian 7A Sticks
Black Zildjian TEMPESTA Sticks (Size thicker than 5A)
Vater 5B Sticks
Black Straw Brush Sticks (Brand unknown)
Black Sticks (Size thicker than 5A, brand unknown)
Sticks (Size thicker than 5A, brand unknown)
Hiptrix 5A Glow Sticks
PowerStix Light Up Sticks (Size thicker than 5A)
Stick 7AN (Brand Unknown)