What's in Your Bag?


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I use to carry a bag full of crap (have two bags full actually). By the time I quit gigging I had a key in my pocket-no bag. I always brought two sets of sticks, and brushes or mallets only if I needed them. I brought some tape-which I can use to hold stands, or tone down a cymbal, or tone down a tom. And I'd bring any charts I had written for complicated stuff. That's about it. Less stuff to carry the better.


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Although my setup got bigger over the years, my stickbag scaled down haha. Not using other sticks, hotrods or brushes at the moment.
I use a Vic Firth Essential Stick Bag which hold 4-5 pairs of sticks. I 'mount' it on my snare so i have easy access to it from both sides.
Since i switched to 2B's this year i have 3 pairs in my bag; 2 reserve and one pair that i use.
Oh and a drumkey is in it as well.


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Since I am just starting on drums, I only have sticks, no mallets or brushes yet.

3 pair Trilock Gurutu Zildjian sticks
2 pair Trilock Rock sticks
2 pair Zildjian 5a dip sticks
2 pair Promark 747 hickory
2 drum keys


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my drum set bag (old black and yellow Drumslinger) has:

Vic Firth 3A's
Jeff Hamilton brushes
old Vater Acousticks

concert band/community band bag (big ol' Innovative Percussion) has:
a ton of Innovative Percussion keyboard mallets
old Black Swamp bamboo shaft tympani mallets of all weights
Zildjian Steve Houghton brushes with the puffy thing on the end for cymbal rolls
Cooperman Graham C John's snare sticks
Innovative Percussion Lalo Davila snare sticks


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A variety of VF Jazzsticks (Some thicker, some thinner, wood and nylon-tips), two pairs of RegalTip Brushes, Rohema Mallets, Regal Tip Rods, Tama Drumkey, Sizzlechain, Moongels, inears and earplugs.


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I have about 20 pairs of sticks, and no stick bag.

I have looked, and am undecided.
Vic Firth 5A's, but only because I wanted something besides my stock Alesis sticks, I'm not yet familiar with the pros/cons of other brands, and consumer reviews made them sound the most useful for beginners.


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Five pairs of Vater Recording sticks
One pair of Promark brushes
Drum key
Pencil + eraser