What's in Your Bag?


Drum Key
Practice Pad (a little one for on the go)
Jack Dejohnette sticks (x2)
Dave Weckl Evolutions
SD1 Generals (x2)
Innovation Percussion IP 240 Marimba Mallets (x2)
Corpsmaster Timpani Mallets (Staccato, Legato, and General)
Hard Plastic Xylophone Mallets (forget what brand/model and too lazy to look)
Danny Carey Sticks
5A (x2)
2B (x2)
Promark Nylon brushes (idk what model)


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Oh snap what a fun thread. I carry a Sabian cymbal bag.

I got an assortment of sticks both matched and mismatched. They are all tied together in pairs with colorful rubber bands. I have mostly generic sticks now since they are so incredibly cheap and plenteous. I get those Musicians' Gear Hickory sticks. You know, the 10 pair for $10 type of deal. Then I match them according to feel and weight, color them with markers and designs, and rubber band them together. I have like 8 pairs of those in my bag; then I have various Pro Mark pairs because they are the best, duh. I have 727's, 747's, and of course you can't go wrong with 5A's. I also have some random "Lightning Sticks" I got for like $2 a pair back before the cheap cheap sticks came out. Those Lightning Sticks suck, they are by Sound Percussion I think...5B's. I can't wait to break those.

I also have a pair of Lightning Rods and a pair of Hot Rods, and Zildjian Cymbal Mallets - the black sticks with the grey yarn ball ends.

Got a few extra rubber bands in there and a drum key or two. As well as some emergency tension rods should the very rare need occur that I ever break one. Hasn't happened yet.

For cymbals yeah I pretty much carry Sabian AA, Meinl Byzance, and Zildjian K. I'd go into detail but I'm too tired at the moment. :)

Vegas Island

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Ever since I read this thread a few months back I realized I was missing something in my stick bag. I've a had a few of the screws inside my floor tom come loose in the past while at home and realized that having a screw driver would be handy. Well, I found this cool multi-tool at Home Depot tonight for about $6.00. It has a flat head, a phillips, wire cutter (for those nasty broken snare wires) pliers, wire strippers, and a sheet shear (whatever in the hell that is).

Anyway, I thought I'd share with every one that this is a great tool to have when gigging. I'd also recommend a small flashlight for those dark stages when your trying to run everyone's wiring, etc. Just my two cents.

Oh yeah I also have 2 pairs of Tommy Lee Ahead Studio model sticks, 2 pairs of Regal Tip Brian Tichy "Tish Stix" and a pair of Vic Firth American Classic Metal.



- 4 pair of Vic Firth 5A nylons
- 1 pair of 7A wood tip (I believe ProMark)
- 1 pair of soft mallets
- 1 pair of brushes
- 1 pair of Vic Firth Rute 505 (plastic)
- 2 sharpies
- 1 drum key
- 1 pair of earplugs (rubber)
- 1 block of bee's wax for stick grip


I carry way more than I need, but its just too much fun to be over prepared:

Vic 5A
Pro mark hot rods
Vic Peter Erskine standard 2x
Vic Peter Erskine ride stick
Vic Keith Carlock
Vic Dave Weckl
Vic Steve Gadd
Cooperman Greg Zuber Nothung
Sound percussion 5A 2x
Pro mark Jeff Hamilton brushes
Vic standard brushes
Innovative Percussion ip240 mallets 2x
Vic t1 timpani 2x
Michael Balter t3 timpani
A. Putnam t3 blue timpani
À. Putnam vibe mallets
Random xylophone mallets
Moon gell, drum keys, and more randomness


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Vic Firth 85A
Vic Firth 5A
Vic Firth 55A
Vic Firth X5A
Vic Firth X5B
Vic Firth Buddy Rich Stick
Vic Firth Peter Erskine Ride Stick
Vic Firth Dave Weckl Evolution Stick
Vic Firth 8D nylon
Vic Firth 7A
Promark 5A
Promark 5B naturals
Promark Neil Peart 747 oak
Promark 5A Shira Kashi Oak
Promark 5B Shira Kashi Oak
Promark Elvin Jones stick
Promark Thunder Rods
Promark Plastic Brushes
Vater Funk Blaster Chad Smith Stick
Vater Los Angeles 5A
Vater 5A Specials
Vater Fusion Nylon
Vater Manhattan 7A
Vater 3A nylon
I have a bunch of other models in my stockpile.



Fun Thread!!!!

Stick pairs:
1 x Vic Firth 7A regular wood tip
1 x Pro Mark 7A regular wood tip
2 x Vic Firth 5A regular wood tip
1 x Vic Firth 5B regular wood tip
1 x Pro mark hot rods
1 x Pro mark brushes
1 x Vic Firth T1 mallets

1 x Shure SE535 in-ear monitor
2 x drum keys
1 x TAMA RW105 metronome
1 x 9V spare battery for metronome
1 x LP twin shakers
1 x notebook + pens


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Left over from the 1970's
Numerous Regal Tip JC's nylon
1 x Premier C's wood tip
1 x Rogers 3A nylon
2 x Regal Tip 5A's nylon
1 x Imperial Starr 8AN
1 x Pro Mark BR-GK ?? nylon
1 x Prima 7A wood tip
1 x Vic Firth 7AN
1 x Vic Firth 5A nylon
1 x Vater 7A nylon
3 x Promark 7A wood tip
1 x Promark 5A nylon
5 x drum keys
12 pairs 5B Collision Drumsticks
6 Pairs 5B Pro-Mark Sticks
Spare Cymbal Felts,
Medical Tape
Gaffer Tape
Electrical Tape (for the damn guitarist) haha
ear plugs - safety first ;)


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Vic Firth:
2 x 5A
1/2 x 5AN (the other one broke)
2 x AJ1
1 x AJ2's
1 x 5B
1 x T1 Mallets

1 pair of Thunder Rods (I used these in the worship band at my old church)
1 pair of Nylobrushes
1 pair of Rocket Rods
1 pair of Hot Rods

1 x retractable wire brushes.

1 x Little Monster Brushes

2 x drum key
1 x cymbal nut

I will post a picture soon.


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Stick Bag 1 - Protectipn Racket large model used for Rock/Blues gigs
2 pair Regal Tip Johnny Fay Signature sticks
2 Pair Regal Tip 9a maple
2 pair ProMark Bob Gatzen Signature
1 pair Vic Firth Tala Wands
1 pair Regal Tip XL brushes
1 pair ProMark Broomsticks
Music stand clip light
Moon gel
Pencil for charts

Stick Bag 2 - Protection Racket smaller model used for Jazz gigs
4 pair Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton signature sticks
1 pair Zildjian Dennis Chamber mallet/stick
1 pair Regal Tip Ed Thigpen brushes
2 pair Bop Works Art Blakey signature sticks
Music stand clip light
Moon gel

Stick Bag 3 - Ludwig blue/Olive stick bag - rehearsals and jam sessions
4 pair Regal Tip Bob Gatzen signature hickory model
2 pair Vic Firth Peter Erskine Big Band stick
1 pair ProMark Broomsticks ( smaller model)
Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton brushes


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Not much variety, but in my Tama stickbag you will find:
- Vic Firth X5A (5A Extreme), at least 3-4 pairs (while still having a big stock left in my house). Only sticks I've used since they came out.
- Ahead Drummer Gloves, medium size. I have very dry hands, and paired with a heavy/fast drumming style, I've gotten totally dependant on these gloves for not getting serious blisters, even though I play on a regular basis. I could use a lot of sports tape, but it's a big hassle, and usually end up with blisters where I can't have tape. For me, this was a big revelation, after some time getting used to the feel. Now it feels a bit weird drumming without them.
- Vater or Alpine ear buds/protectors
- A pack of moongel, just in case. Usually never end up using it though.
- A couple of extra springs for the basspedals, just in case.
- A couple of cymbal felts and bolts.
- A drum key of some sort (after way too much gear hoarding over the years, I probably have 30 drumkeys laying around in shelves around the house).