What's in Your Bag?


Wow.. Well I reckon I've got the least then haha.
I don't even have a bag - it's a clear plastic box that sits on a "bedside" table next to my FT...

1 Pair of Vic Firth, Nicko McBrain Sig Sticks
1 Pair of Vic Firth 2B Sticks
1 Pair of Stagg SM5A Sticks
2 Spare Random Hi-Hat Clutches
and Random Assorted Felts

I do have a Drum Key, but it's on my keyring.


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Quite a bit of stuff...

The first six models are the ones I like the most:

Zildjian Tony Williams Signature Sticks (wood tip)
Vic Firth Stanton Moore Signature (wood tip)
Vic Firth Nicko "Boomer" McBrain Signature (wood tip)
Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon Chop-Out (rubber tip)
Vic Firth Dom's Pad Sticks (wood tip)
Vic Firth American Classic 5B (wood tip)

Vic Firth Terry Bozzio Signature Phase I (wood tip)
Vic Firth Terry Bozzio Signature Phase II (wood & felt tip)
Vic Firth Jack DeJohnette Signature (wood tip)
Vic Firth Thomas Lang Signature (wood tip)
Vic Firth Jojo Mayer Signature (wood tip)
Vic Firth American Classic 5B Chop-Out (rubber tip)
Vic Firth American Classic Rock N (nylon tip)
Vic Firth American Classic 5B Kinetic Force (wood tip)
Vic Firth American Classic 5B Silver Bullet Hickory (aluminum tip)
Vic Firth American Classic 5B Soft Touch (felt tip)
Vic Firth American Classic 5BN Vic Grip (wood tip)
Vic Firth American Heritage AH5B Rock Maple (wood tip)
Vic Firth Heritage Brushes
Vic Firth Wire Brushes
Vater 2B (wood tip)
Vater 5B (wood tip)
Vater 5A (wood tip)
Vater 5B Sugar Maple (wood tip)
Pro Mark Terry Bozzio Signature Sticks (wood tip)
Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton Brushes
Zildjian 16" Black Jazz Nylon Sticks (nylon tip)

Boss DB-90
Custom-made earplugs
French letter



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8 pairs of Vic Firth 5A sticks, wood tip
2 pairs of vic firth hot shots
1 pair of Vater Whips
1 pair of Zildgen Dennis Chambers Mallets
2 drum keys
like 1 2B Drum stick with nylon tip


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In my stick bag:

5 pr. Nova 5A (Vic factory seconds)
1 pr. Vic Firth Maple 5A
1 pr. Zildjian 5A
1 pr. Zildjian Trilok Rock sticks (trying them out)
1 pr. Vic Firth Jazz Rake Brushes
1 pr. Vic Firth Rutes
1 pr. Vater whips
1 pr, Vater Whip Sticks (sticks w/ whips on other end)
2 Rhythm Tech Eggz Shakers
1 Rhythm Tech Torque memo Key drum key
Many drumkeys of various sizes
Moongel pads for muffling

In my open mic night backpack (includes stickbag)
iPod and earbuds, digital camera, USB Stick, Leatherman multi tool, small screwdrivers, duct tape, AA batteries, Nine Volts, guitar picks, and spare Ernie Ball guitar strap, 2 mic cables, 1 spare vocal mic, a shure sm57 mic, 1 long guitar cable, Mini Mag lite flashlight, large swiss army knife, spare snare chord, cymbals sleeves and felts, spare bass drum beater patch, extra drum keys, extra pair of sticks, small note pads and many pens and pencils/ highlighter, Interstate Music catalog, and an issue or two of Modern Drummer. Whew!
Long story short you can never be too prepared for Open mic night. anything can happen and it would stink to have a great artist or local miss out because they forgot something. I'm Jonny on the spot!


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6 pr. Vic Firth American Classic 5AN
1 pr. Vic Firth American Classic 5A
1 pr. Vic Firth American Classic 7AN
1 pr. Vic Firth Ralph Hardiman
1 wooden spoon
2 whisks, large and medium
3 drum keys
Ahead drumming gloves
black tape


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4 Pairs- Vater Chad Smith Funkblasters
1 Pair- Zildjian Dave Grohl Signatures
1 Pair- Innovative Percussion 1001 Marimba mallets
1 Pair- Innovative Percussion FS-2M Multi-Stick
2 Pairs- Innovative Percussion Paul Rennick FS-PR2 sticks.
1 Pair- Promark Hot Rods
1 Pair- Promark SD1 Concert sticks.

2- Moongel packs
Marching Snare music
2 Remo Falam Slams
1 Ludwig Drum ratchet/key


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-Vic Firth Thomas Lang Signature Sticks x3 Pairs
-Vic Firth 5A's x2 Pairs
-Vic Firth 3A's x2 Pairs
-Vic Firth Swizzle Sticks/Mallets x1 Pair
-Vic Firth Rute 505 x1 Pair (Love these!!)
-Pro-Mark 2B Oak x2 Pairs
-Pro-Mark 808 Paul Wertico Signature Sticks x2 Pairs
-Pro-Mark Hot Rods x1 Pair
-Pro-Mark Wire Brushes x1 Pair
-Miscellaneous allen keys, drum keys, washers, cymbal felts, cymbal toppers, Moon Gel, electrical tape, permanent markers, pen, etc...

3 to 4 pairs Vic Firth 5A
1 pair of Vic Firth 7A
1 pair of soft felt timpani mallets
1 pair of hard felt timpani mallets
1 pair of Vic Firth Steve Gadd Sig. brushes
1 pair of Pro Mark timbale sticks
1 pair of Pro Mark Hot Rods
1 triangle beater
2 tuning keys
1 tuning fork
1 pencil
1 chicken shake
1 Tama RW 105
1 set of Alpine hearsafe
1 leatherman multi tool

spare parts:
cymbal felts
Tama wing nuts
foam rubber pads
snare straps
hihat clutch
probably some more stuff I don't remember right now...


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Six pair Vater 3a Fatback
Drum keys
Screwdriver for my Sonor lite 14 x 4 lugs


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Stick bag:
  • 2-12 pairs of Vic Firth 5B Vic Grip Wood Tips (depending on how long it's been since I bought my last brick)
  • 1 pair of Pro Mark Hot Rods for softer playing
  • 1 pair of Regal Tip Blasticks for even softer playing
  • 1 pair of brushes, just in case. I have no idea how to use them though.
  • 1 pair of Meinl drummer gloves, in case I pop a painful blister in the middle of a gig
  • 1 drum key
  • A collection of spare felts and sleeves.

I need to get around to making a little drummer's emergency kit, with some more essentials like drum keys, felts, wingnuts, spare clutch, allen keys, etc.


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I just got a new Protection Racket stick bag and man is that thing roomy!!!

  • 6 Pairs of Vic Firth SD9's
  • 1 Pair VF AS5A
  • 1 Pair Hot Rods
  • 1 Pair VF Rute
  • 1 Pair VF Steve Gadd Brushes
  • 1 Pair VF M1 Mallets

  • Shure in-ears
  • Korg Metronome
  • 4-5 Drum keys

The outer pocket has a ton of stuff, like another metronome, a shaker, Zoom Q3HD w/ power brick, Hi-hat clutch, etc...



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My turn,

Pro Mark Shira Kashi 7A Jazz
Pro Mark Shira Kashi 7A Traditionnal
Pro Mark Hickory 7A Traditionnal
Tama OAK Japanese 7A
Zultan Hickory 7A
Los Cabos Canada Maple 7A
Regal Tip Hickory 7A
Special Carbo Rods 7A
Pro Orca New Line 7A


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I got me some new peter ersksine sigs, some 5Bs oak and hickory, danny carey signatures, two mismatched, dave weckl evolution, cool rods, and some vic firth wire brushes


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Vic Firth 85A
Vic Firth 5A
Vic Firth 55A
Vic Firth X5A
Vic Firth X5B
Vic Firth Buddy Rich Stick
Vic Firth Peter Erskine Ride Stick
Vic Firth Dave Weckl Evolution Stick
Vic Firth 8D nylon
Vic Firth 7A
Promark 5A
Promark 5B naturals
Promark Neil Peart 747 oak
Promark 5A Shira Kashi Oak
Promark 5B Shira Kashi Oak
Promark Elvin Jones stick
Promark Thunder Rods
Promark Plastic Brushes
Vater Funk Blaster Chad Smith Stick
Vater Los Angeles 5A
Vater 5A Specials
Vater Fusion Nylon
Vater Manhattan 7A
Vater 3A nylon

Librarian Drummer

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Here's the content of my drumsticks bag for acoustic drumset :

- Vater 5A Los Angeles nylon x2
- ProMark TX5AN nylon x2
- ProMark Neil Peart oak x1
- Vater Stewart Copeland Standard x1
- ProMark Mike Portnoy x1
- Vic Firth 5A nylon x1
- ProMark TX5AW x1 (heavy dark brown wood pair)
- ProMark 5AST "Stinger" x1
- ProMark Hot Rods x1
- Vic Firth Steve Gadd brushes x1
- Two pairs of earplugs
- Drum key



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Main compartment:
  • 5 or 6 pairs VF Dave Weckl 'Evolution'
  • 1 pair VF Heritage brushes
  • 1 pair VF 606 Rutes
  • 1 pair VF Tala Wands
  • 1 pair VF Swizzle G stick/mallets
  • 1 package of Moon Gel

Outer side compartment:
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Metronome
  • Flashlight
  • Drum keys

Inner side compartment:
  • Auto detailing cloth


2x dave weckl
2x jack dejohnette
1x hot rods
1x regal tip brushes
1x 5A
1x maple SD4 combo

tama rhythm watch
DB- 30 met
vater triple flange ear plugs
evans magnetic drum key
and a little bit of magic powder

Sugarfree Sean

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Lets see....

6 pair VF X5BN
4 pair VF 7AN
7 pair VF 5B Vic Grip
1 pair Heavy pocket rods
1 pair Med pocket rods

Band business cards

1 drum key
1 drum key ratchet
1 packet moon jells
athletic tape
Ahead drum gloves
leatherman mutli-tool all in one

That about wraps it up!!!