What's in Your Bag?


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ProMark Oak Jazz Wood Tip (at least 3 pairs)
ProMark Oak 5A Wood Tip (at least 2 pairs)
ProMark Hot Rods
Regal Tip Ed Thigpin Brushes
Zildjian Cymbal Mallets
ProMark Broomsticks

Rhythm Tech Can Shaker
Rhythm Tech Hat Trick
Drum Key
Tama Rhythm Watch
Custom Ear Plugs
Mechanical Pencil


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About 30 pair of barely matched 5B to 2B $2 bargain bucket sticks. After working for Regal Tip, I learned to pick out the good ones out of the seconds box. Paying $10 and up for a pair of nicely matched pair of name brand sticks seems like a rock stars dream to me.
Two mapex clutches
a clave block
Rhythm Tech Hat Trick
4x pairs of Taylor Hawkins signature sticks
Vic Firth Extreme 5B's
Pro Mark Natural 5A's (don't like them)
Cymbal nuts and felts.
My pro plugs

Yeah :) Not alot


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Nice stuff dude, just a query - What is the silver box thing? (in the top image, not the metronome at the bottom) It looks like it has four input/output points and I was wondering what it is and what it is used for? thanks!
Hey Dan,

It's a headphone signal splitter, so you can put the signal in one end and split the headphones into four seperate outputs. I use it to boost the signal coming from my Sampler so I can play along to it a bit easier.



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a random assortment of sticks felts a clutch some wing nuts some hotrods and some sleeves.
also some moongels a drum key and an allen key that came with the bag for some reason..
sorry for the overexposed picture, its the best i could be bothered with.



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Vater Stick Bag


12x Vic Firth Stanton Moore Signature Sticks (SSM)
3x Vic Firth Questlove Signature Sticks (SAT)
1x Vic Firth Jazz Brush (WB)
1x Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd Brushes (SGWB)
1x Vic Firth MB4S? [I think that's what they are)

Parts & Accessories:

Spare Pearl Clutch
2 Pack of Hearo Ear Plugs
Baggy of Assorted Foam Ear Plugs
Baggy of Cymbal Felts and Wing Nuts
Pro Mark Cymbal Sizzler
Drum Keys
Roll of Painter's Tape


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2 pairs of Vic Firth 7a's
1 pair Promark Neil Peart signatures
1 par Vic Firth Stave Gadd signatures
1 pair Regal Tip brushes
1 pair Vic Firth 5a's
1 pair mallets made by putting a foam pencil grip over the tip of a Regal Tip 7a
1 pair Vic Firth Peter Erskine ride sticks
2 packs of moongels
2 pairs of earplugs
2 keys
package of paperclips for ride sizzle
binder of sheet music


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6 pairs of Vater Fusion
2 Pairs of Vic Firth 8B (trying them out. A little too thin for tech metal)
Huge Pearl high torque drum key
2 DW backup beaters
37 cents
$30 dollars (the entire band's payout from the last gig)
3 feet of #8 black sash rope (good for just about anything)
1 pair of Hearo's ear plugs
$68 gas recipt from 6 months ago
Extra hi hat clutch

Jason Scott Parker


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2 pairs of Vater Chad Smith FunkBlasters
1 pair of Vic Firth 5A wood tip
1 pair of Vic Firth SD1 generals
1 pair of Innovative Percussion? bass drum mallets
1 mechanical pencil
5 dollars
1 drum key
1 water bottle
1 Remo Flamslam


3 Pairs Pro-Mark Pro Round 5A
3 Pairs Pro-Mark Simon Phillips 707
2 Pairs Zildjian 3A
1 Pair Blasticks
1 Pair Vater Splashlite Rods
1 Pair Vater Earplugs
1 Pair Hearos Earplugs
1 Pack Moongels
1 Drum Key
1 Evans Drum Torque
Various Cymbal Felts
Several Band-Aids (you never know!)


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1 Pair ProMark 5B American Hickory wood tip
1 Pair ProMark 7A American Hickory wood tip
2 Pair ProMark 727 Shira Kashi Oak nylon tip
Zildjian "Drummer Survival Kit"
2 Drum keys
Pens and pencils, scratch paper
Allen wrenches (came with the pedals)
original hihat clutch (I upgraded to a dropclutch)
sweat rag and cymbal polishing rag
cymbal polish


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The sticks:

2 pair green balter vibe mallets
Pair malletech glock mallets
Pair Bob Becker malletech xylo mallets
Pair Chalklin MS14 vibe mallets
Pair Chalklin soft cymbal sticks (they're probably vibe mallets)
Pair David Morbey 520 timp mallets
Pair David Morbey 530KK timp mallets
Pair Mike Balter Brass Glock Mallets
Pair Vic Firth wire brushes
7 Vic Firth 5a Nylon tip sticks.

The percussion related:

Drum key
Ear Plugs
2 majestic timpani tuning keys
1 premier timpani tuning key
Duck whistle
Finger Cymbals
Hi Hat Cymbal Felt
Moon Gel
Triangle Beater set
Bongo spanner (bent)

The other stuff:

3 mechanical pencils
Pencil Sharpener
2 cufflinks
4 highlighter pens
5 pegs
1 hand sanitising gel
Box plasters
A paperclip
Bow tie
Allen Keys
Three normal pencils
256Mb USB stick

The quite wierd:

Knob from premier xylophone support
large 10 amp fuse (no idea what this is from!?)
Broken majestic timp handle
Half a premier vibe fan
Very small wing nut
A spring, probably from a majestic timp handle
Small coil of wire



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20 or so pair of VF 5A nylon tip sticks
1 pair soft mallets
1 pair hard felt mallets
Tama Rythem watch
2 regular keys
2 speed keys
Cymbal felts, washers, plastic sleeves, wing nuts, extra set of snares
Surgery tape
4 in 1 screwdriver
adjustable wrench
duct tape
2 med size hose clamps
back up ear plugs
In ear head set
small flashlight


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Vic Firth

1 Pair Vic Firth 2B
2 Pairs Vic Firth 5Bs nylon tip
2 Pairs Vic Firth 5Bs wood tip
1 Pair Vic firth 5Bs Silver bullets
1 Pair Vic Firth 606 rods
1 Pair Vic Firth T1 Mallets

2 Drums keys.
Set of allen wrenches
Cymbal felts
plastic sleeves
wing nuts
Hi-Hat clutch


I have one of those builders bags with HEAPS of pockets and a big main compartment.

In it I have:

6 pairs of Vic Firth American Classic Extreme 5A Sticks
4 pairs of Vic Firth American Classic Metal Sticks
3 pairs of Vic Firth 5A Kinetic Force Sticks (weight in the butt end)
3 pairs of Vic Firth Dual Tone 5A Sticks (have mallets at one end and sticks at the other)
2 pairs of Vic Firth Danny Carey Signitures
2 pairs of Pro Mark Mike Portnoy Nylon Tip Signitures (TX420N)
2 pairs of Regal Tip Jeff Pocaro Signitures
1 pair of Vic Firth 5A Silver Bullet Sticks
1 pair of Ahead Joey Jordison Signitures
1 pair of Vic Firth Steve Gadd Signiture Brushes
1 pair of Vic Firth Rock Rakes
1 pair of Vic Firth 202 Rutes
1 pair of Vic Firth T1 Mallets
1 Vic Firth T6 Mallet (for gongs)
4 rolls of grip tape
2 pairs of pro tour golfing gloves
A towel
Paiste cymbal cleaner
Paiste cymbal protector
Screwdriver set
Hex key set
Electrical tape
Duct tape
Tama tension watch
Remo practice pad
2 strings of beads for sizzle on cymbals
2 pairs of custom moulded filtering ear plugs
Assorted cymbal felts, washers, sleeves, wingnuts etc
Hi-hat clutch
6 drum keys
2 beaters
6" Cymbal stacker
A bunch of foam earplugs
Moon Gel (great stuff)
Chromatic tuner
Guitar picks
4 9V batterys
2 guitar leads
A tuning peg extension ratchet (for lighting fast string changes for the guitarist)
Auxiliary cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm)
Bottle opener
Headphone splitter (3.5mm)
Last set list
A heap of old lyrics
100 dollars

Yes i realize i have alot of stuff in my bag but the bag is HUGE and im the one in the band with the van....

Rock Drummer

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4 pairs Vater XTreme 5A Nylon
3 pairs Vater 5A Nylon
1 pair Vater Manhatten 7A
1 pair super small generic brand jazz sticks (10 pairs 10 bucks, really amazing deal, good sticks to)
1 set Vic Firth purple handled brushes
4 drum keys
Ear plugs
Tourna Grip
Electrical Tape


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I have a 10 pairs of VATER SUPER JAZZ drumsticks, my main pair, a pair of retractable Jazz brushes, a pair HOT RODS, a pair of cymbal mallets, and a pair of purple fibre glass 5A drumsticks. I forgot who makes them though. Not VATER!!!