What's in Your Bag?


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hey guys, just wondering what people use for their tools. so tell me, whats in your stick bag?
Vater Power 5B(x4)
Vic Firth MB-1H Marching Bass Mallets
Pro-Mark Lighting Rods
Regal Tip Non-Retractable Stick-Brushes
One Pair of Mirror Lense Aviators


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3x Silverfox 1A Sticks Wood Oval Tip
1x Paid of Silverfox Fatboy Sticks With Delrin (Nylon Tip)
1x Silverfox 'Tails (Nylon Brushes
1x Silverfox Wire Brushes
1x Unknown brand Timpani Mallets
1x Spare Snare Strainer with middle 6 strands cut out (To put on troublesome house snares)
2x Drum Key


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Vic Firth Jazz Rakes
Unknown Yarn Mallets
Vic Firth Swizzle Sticks
Vater Manhattan 7As (I wish I could find the VF equivalent)
Lens Wipes (For my glasses)

I don't keep any drum keys in my bag, cause I keep them on my key chain which stays on me at all times. I strongly recommend that you other guys keep a drum key on your key chain or otherwise in plain view. When girls ask about them and you explain it's a drum key and you're a drummer.. it's MUCH better than any pickup line.


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Vic Firth Wire Brush
The Original Hot Rods
Vic Firth Felt Mallets
Vic Firth American Classic Hickory
----5A Extreme
Dave Weckle Signature Sticks

Drum Keys and no brand practice sticks
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- Pro-Mark 747 Japanese oak wood-tip sticks
- Pro-Mark 747 American hickory nylon-tip sticks
- Regal Tip 5A nylon-tip sticks
- Pro-Mark Lightning Rods
- Vic Firth Jazz Brushes
- Drum key (unknown brand)


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Asking me this question is like asking me what's in my rubbish bin,but here goes:

1. 12 pairs of Vic Firth 5BN Nylon Tip Sticks
2. 1 pair of Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton 596R Brushes
3. 1 pair Zildjian Z4A drumsticks used by Alan White and autographed by him.
4. 1 pair Vic Firth Staccato Mallets
5. 1 Paiste small gong mallet
6. 1 Paiste gong mallet for 13" to 16" gong
7. 1 Wuhan large gong mallet for 26" to 30" gongs
8. 1 Nameless mallet for hard metal gongs,etc
9. 1 Ludwig wood bass drum beater
10. 1 Ludwig felt bass drum beater
11. 2 Triangle beaters
12. 1 Hex key for gong stand

the gayge

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I love this question. I've got:

1 pair Vater Manhattan 7A nylon tips (the standard)
2 pair Vic Firth American Hickory 5A wood tip (for rock stuff)
1 pair Vater Fatback 3A wood tip (for metal, but they've been slowing me down as I've been playing with smaller sticks lately)
1 pair Pro-Mark Elvin Jones (my favorites)
1 pair Zildjian Roy Haynes
1 pair Regal Tip Jazz model nylon tips
1 pair Zildjian Travis Barker stick/mallet reversibles (I have no idea why I paid money for/still carry these
1 pair Vic Firth Heritage model brushes (definitely my favorite brushes)
1 pair Vic Firth Jazz model brushes (so stiff)
1 pair Pro Mark plastic handel retractable nylon bristle brushes (sound is huge)
1 pair CB 700 Yarn Mallets
3 drum keys (in addition to the one on my key chain)
1 Boss metronome
a bunch of spare felts, cymbal sleeves, washers, etc...


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4 pairs of Stewart Copeland signature sticks
Pair of Vic firth jazz brushes
home-made mallet
2 yamaha tuning keys
Thunder rods by Promark
Extra bass drum beater


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5 pairs Vic Firth American Classic 5B

1 Pair Vic Firth Scott Johnson Signature marching sticks.

1 pair Vic Firth Tom Aungst Sig. Marching sticks.

1 pair Pro-Mark Hot Rods

1 pair Musser Plastic bell mallets

1 pair innovative percussion rubber marimba mallets

1 pair vic firth american custom SD1

1 roll of white sticktape

1 ludwig drum key

1 pearl high tension key


3x Promark PWR747W (natural wood 5Bish)
2x Promark TX7AW (7A)
2x Promark TX5ABW (Carter Beauford signature)
3x Millenium 2B
2x Millenium 5B
1x Millenium 5B nylon tip
1x Millenium 7B
1x Johnny Rabb Rubber Tip sticks
1x Vincent medium brushes
2x Vincent rods
1x Crescendo mallets
1x Xylophone mallets

+moon gel, felt washers, ear plugs, and some misc drum parts!


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2 Pairs of Pro-mark 7A Wood Tip
1 Pair of Pro-mark 7A Nylon Tip
2 Pairs of Pro-MArk 5B Nylon Tip
1 Pair Vic Firth 5A Wood Tip
1 Pair Zildjian Matt Sorum Sig Sticks (Way to big for my liking, but very loud, so do use sometimes)
1 pair Pro-mark Lighting Rods
1 pair Pro-Mark Jazz Brushes
2 Drum Keys, Mapex one from BP and Ludwig one that came with my kit
Moon Gel
Felts, tenion rod spairs, Etc.


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3 pair of Vic Firth Sd2bolero
1 stick stick I got from Ian Paice when they played a show in my town. (his signature model, pro mark)
Pair of Vic firth jazz brushes
3 Pearl drum keys
Earplugs + one extra pair..


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Hey guys,
I love things like this, so here is my gig bag stuff:
8/12 pairs vater power 5a's
1 pair vater wire brushes
kork ma30 metronome
multi tool
big dog practice pad
spare picks cos my guitarist keeps forgetting his
electrical tape
note book
pens and permenant markers
a bunch of other stuff that doesnt come to mind.

Also when Im out on gigs I carry a flight case with these items in it:
spare parts box with wing nuts and felts etc
timbale sticks
spare snare heads
isolation headphones
mixer and cd deck
tambourine and cowbell
small tool kit.

I also carry spare felts in my cymbal bag.
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1 pair Vic Firth 5Bs.
1 pair Vic Firth Steve Gadd signature sticks.
1 pair Vic Firth Metal N Sticks (for practice).
1 pair Pro Mark Lightning Rods.
1 Drumkey and a Korg MA-30 Metronome.


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20 or so pair of VF 5A nylon tip sticks
1 pair soft mallets
1 pair hard felt mallets
Tama Rythem watch
2 regular keys
2 speed keys
Cymbal felts, washers, plastic sleeves, wing nuts, extra set of snares
Surgery tape
4 in 1 screwdriver
adjustable wrench
duct tape
2 med size hose clamps
back up ear plugs
In ear head set
small flashlight

In my snare case I carry extra bottom and top heads. I put the bottom in first so it is protected by the stronger top head. My stuff only adds 5 pounds to the bag, minus the sticks.


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1 pair 7a zildian dipped sticks
1 pair 5a nylon tips
1 pair jazz brushes
1 pair mallets
1 pair Rutes
drum keys
pocket sized metronome


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5x Vic Firth 5BX
Vic firth sd1 general
Vic firth t3 staccato timpani mallets
4x Vibrawell v1 R Marimba mallets
Vic Firth Marching sticks Ralph Hardimon sign
Tom Gauger tg16
Zildjian Brushes
Ahead Gloves
Drum key
Boss tu-80 metronome


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1x No name brushes
2x Pro Mark Hot Rods
4x Zildjian Taylor Hawkins signature sticks
3x Vic Firth Amercian Classic 5b
10x Vic Firth Amercian Classic 5a
2x Vic Firth Dave Weckl signature sticks
1x Vater 5aX
Yamaha Drum key
Boss Metronome
Samsung Mp3 Player
String\rivet thingy


3x Vic Firth Buddy Rich signature sticks
3x Vic Firth 5A sticks
3x Vic Firth 7AN sticks
2x Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wands
1x DW Drum key
1x Puma speed cats
2x DW multi sided beaters (backups)
Misc cymbal hardware felt, nylon sleeves, wingnuts
Pack of cheap earplugs


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1 Vater Wire Tap brushes
3 Vater Rikki Rockett Bottle Rockett
3 Pro Mark 5AL Ringo Starr Signature
1 Vic Firth American Rock Classic
2 Regal Tip 5A E Series Nylon Tip
1 Vic Firth Steve Smith Birch 12 Tala Wand
1 Pro Mark Bobby Rock 444
1 Pro Mark 5A
12 Vic Firth 5A Nylon Tip
3 Manhattan 7A
Xtra Cymbal Felt washers
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