What's In A Name?


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My ancestry is well documented, an ancestor did a family history dating from around the mid-1700s up to 1950 or so, iirc.

It's kind of a boring read, no sword fights or duels, as I recall.

on my dads side, we have traced back to the 1600's. From the Uppsala area in Sweden...we were pig farmers. My great grand father was the first to come to America in the late 1800s

Mom's side is from the Bern Switzerland area...and also was not in America until the late 1800's...

The change could have been done by immigration.
When my great grandfather came to the US they dropped the "a" in my last name "for ease of spelling," disregarding how my last name is spelled and pronounced. It would have made more sense to change the last half of my last name to "cloud" because thats how it's pronounced in the US.

yeah, on my dads side, a bunch of Swedes came through to Minnesota via the St. Lawrence river and Great Lakes...we were originally Svenson, but they changed half of the Svenson's to Swanson in Minnesota b/c there were already too many Svenson's on the register...related to the above answer, Sven is pig...so we were/are "Son of the Pig Herder"

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Since Americans call me Odd Arnie, just Arnie or simply gave up and named me Todd it's probably gone far enough without me complicating the matter any further.