What's been your favorite or most impressive house/backline kit?


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Many of us complain about house kits (me included), but what's been the best one you've played? Which one has stuck out to you the most?

Mine was a newer round-badge set of Renowns. This was the most dialed-in house kit I've ever heard. They were running Emperors on the batters, and they had a Beta 52 on the kick, which I've never really thought the best of, but man, what a sound! I'm now running Emps on my Classic Maples because of this, and I love them. What a great kit it was!

How about you? Best house/backline kit? Go!
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I auditioned once for a band, they had a Ludwig Accent kit....... pretty standard, nothing unusual.

But the 16" floor tom was simply heavenly.

To this day I just have no idea how those guys got it sounding so amazing.

I will never forget that night.

Both for the floor tom and the ride home on my motorbike.......they didn't like my playing so I was pissed off so I was a bit grumpy.

It was bloody freezing and there were kangaroos all along the road.
Best was one of my old custom kits I sold a guy who ran a local jam night.

Shells were amazing all Scandinavian Birch with reinforcement rings and sounded amazing. Bass drum was just too deep.

Bias aside the local jazz club has a decent Stage Custom with 2002s on.
For me it was a Yamaha Live Custom kit I played back in 2018. I played a 1960's Gretsch kit at a blues jam a few months ago that was nice, too.
I remember the first time I played a back line kit was in college.....It was a Mapex Orion and compared to my then Exports......yeah it was outstanding, as it should have been being their top of the line kit at the time.

Played a few DWs that were rented during the early 2000s, seemed like every company that rented drums thought everyone wanted DWs......so there was that. They were "fine". They went "boom" when I hit them, it was an "OK" boom but nothing special per se.

I played a Catalina kit a few years ago that was a standard "house kit" and it didn't suck......it punched above its weight class.
Its a Yamaha Absolute Birch Custom kit, with the deep snare that I get to play on occasion. Its killer looking too, a laquer black sparkle color ( maybe dark gray) with the fully sparkled hoops, super cool looking and through the sound system at this venue, it sounds fantastic.
Another venue had a script Rogers in copper wrap...beat to complete hell, all the stands were broken, wing nuts and everything, impossible to adjust the stands so i would bring my own, none had cymbal sleeves or non-stripped wing nuts! but it sounded pretty good too.
There’s a venue in town that will rent a backline kit to the drummer for $25, and it happens to be the sweetest Allegra bop kit I’ve ever heard. I look forward to playing there, because, while I’ll gladly pay $25 to not schlep, I’m stoked to play on this gem of a kit. I asked, and they said it was NOT for sale. :(
Got to play a Ludwig Classic Maple as a rented backline kit for the first time last fall, it was quite pleasant sounding, allthough the bassdrum tom mounting had definitely seen better days. Other than that I haven't had the luxury of very high-end drums being in the venues, usually around Stage Custom/Catalina standard, decent enough though. Never thought that it was better than my own kit though.
I was a regular at a blues jam where the host kit was a set of recoding customs. The dynamics of those drums were amazing. By that I mean, as you hit them harder, they of course got louder, but the drums matched each other loudness-wise and tonally in a very pleasant way. First time I played them I remember thinking, "Oh, so this is what a $3,000 3-piece kit sounds like."
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Just had a wonderful Tama StarClassic kit at a show we played in the UAE.
And also was lucky enough to get my preferred Taye StudioMaple kit at a gig opening for Journey a few years back.

Great pic with Steve Smith's kit in the background........well done
This sounds a little slimy to me. :confused:

Agree. I'm not surprised by this, but it also feels a little "meh".

On principle I would bring my own kit if I could and have them clear the stage of said house kit if it was there.......