What's a great all around China cymbal that's under 200$?


What the title says, i'm thinking of the Holly China, but I don't know anything about Chinas at the momment so maybe if you guys could educate me on some good ones thanks :p

Also, if you could recommend any other hats then custom A hats 14" that are around the same price something that you think has a simmilar sound because I do like these hats but what you believe is even better, i'd really appreciate it, getting my christmas list ready LOL :p


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Though I'm not a fan of Sabian, the Holy China is a good choice. I don't really like chinas because I don't like the deeper panginess, I prefer effects cymbal like the Wuhan Linear Crash or the A Custom EFX. But for China Chinas, yeah Holy China.

As for hats, 15" A Custom Rezo? Or for darker K Custom 13" Dark Hi Hats. Not quite sure what you want though. Maybe mixing your own pair of hats?


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For a "authentic" China made in China, try the the Wuhan Lion. Up to 20" can be found under US$100. Try before you buy because they are VERY inconsistent.

Bo Eder

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I would search for a used A Zildjian China Boy Low in a 22" size. If you could find a 26" one that would be even cooler. Listen to some vintage Billy Cobham (like 1973's Spectrum album to hear some really creative uses for the huge china - it's awesome).

And if you're looking for hi-hats, I highly recommend finding a 17" thin crash for your top and a 17" medium crash for your bottom. You don't know the power of the big hats until you use them. 14" is so stereotypical ;)


The Holy china is freaking amazing. That's what I'd be using if I didn't have my Hhx's. It sounds so good. So trashy and cutting. Can't get enough of it on BTBAM's new upcoming album (and previous EP). My only complaint with the holy china is that it's not Hhx. God do I love that dark, dirty, and fiery tone.

I'd suggest looking on eBay or Craigslist too. You can find insane deals on slightly used cymbals. I got both of my Hhx chinas for under 150!


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It looks like http://mycymbal.com has replenished their Sabian SR2 stock (factory-renewed AA,AAX,HH,HHXs). They have a few 15-19" chinas for <= $135, with demo videos of each individual cymbal. I bought a 17" china from there a few years ago, and I love it.


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The beauty of a China is, the worse it sounds, the better it is!\

The idea of looking for a "quality" China isn't the same as looking for a great-sounding ride or crash, where you tend to get a better cymbal for more money. I would approach a China with spending less in mind, and save your money. Getting one for $200 is no problem, but as already pointed out, you can spend half of that and be happy with your choice.

I wouldn't even consider brand as much as a low price. Again, if it sounds trashy and cheap, that's what you want from a China... right?



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Again, if it sounds trashy and cheap, that's what you want from a China... right?


Trashy and cheap is what you get from a Wuhan, a loud, short, clangy BASH.

Unfortunately, my preferred china sound would be described as trashy and expensive. A bright, airy sound, long sustain. In most cases, that's a thin 20" china for 300$...

gaz farrimond

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I have a couple of china's and my nasty, noisy, medium pet killing blast of noise is a 20" Wuhan. For delicate work, my AAX or Paragon; for anything where I just need to lay into the cymbal, the Wuhan wins out.

But as it has been suggested, try before you buy