What's a good brass snare drum you guys recommend?

Stefan Brodsky

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I picked up a Tama Stewart Copeland chrome over brass about two years ago. It was used, so got it for $325 (US). I think they're pushing $450 or more now for new ones. Has a thicker shell than say, a Ludwig Supraphonic, but I really like it's tone and versatility. Have used coated single ply Ambassadors and/or Evans (G1 and or UV1) over Evans 300 Hazy, and it sings. You can always dampen down w/Moon Gel, but it's a very good snare.


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I would check out one of the Ludwig Heirloom Brass models, or one of the Black Beauty clones from Pearl, Pork Pie, or World Max, or any of the MANY drum builders. Or, order parts from one of the various supply houses, and build your own.