Whatcha Reading Right Now?


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ACT For Musicians: A guide for using Acceptance and Commitment Training to enhance performance, overcome performance anxiety, and improve well-being.

I've found it very helpful for calming my performance anxiety and improving my drumming skills.


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Pope John Paul II's Biography

he was my wife's grand-uncle (her dads uncle), so it is like a deep dive into her family history...


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I have chronic inability to only read one book at once.

Will likely finish A Brief History of Timekeeping by Chad Orzel tonight. Historical and scientific account of mankind's relationship with the various pulses that govern our lives, from the movement of celestial bodies to the oscillation of particulate matter. Pretty fascinating stuff. Also completely over my head pretty quickly with some of the physics discussions.

Should wrap up the Lilith's Brood Trilogy by Octavia Butler soon, and am in the middle of both Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Kimmer


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"Grant" (biography of U.S. Grant) by Joe Chernov

"There There" (life among modern day native Americans in Oakland, California) by Tommy Orange


Currently, reading "Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead" which is a history of the art and writing in The National Lampoon, which was a counter-culture magazine started by disenfranchised Harvard guys. Mainly known back in the day as "dark witticisms, cool art, and boobs" but, on reflection, it presages a lot of what has been happening in US politics and culture for the last 50 years, which is just about the same amount of time disenfranchised Harvard guys have been subverting culture and politics in the US. Definitely an interesting and darkly prescient periodical.
I'm a big fan of PJ O'Rourke . He became re- infranchised .


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You're welcome! Since you're into that, this might be up your alley.
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Just finished Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. It was pretty good, but I liked Circe more.

Scored a little set of Herman Hesse books at a used bookstore, probably going to crack open Magister Ludi tonight.


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I know what I desperately want to read, but it's not available in the UK and cost too darn much to buy from USA with postage and Fedex import tax duty. off once it gets here. Anti Diva, by Carole Pope, the Manchester, UK, born Canadian singer, songwriter - controversial stuff about lesbian goings on in the 80s.


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Just finished A Little Devil in America by Hanif Abdurraqib and was blown away. It's sort of a series of essay-like reflections on life through the lens of brief historical accounts of various Black performers and also an semi-autobiographical account of the author's own life. It was honest and fascinating. He's also a well respected poet so the writing is amazing.

Just opened The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green & Timothy Gallwey as well as the first entry of the Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. I've settled on always working on a fiction and a non-fiction at the same time.