What would you appraise my kit for?


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Hey guys. Its time to sell my ever loved kit. Have lots invested and lots of memories, but its time to downsize. Just curious as to what you would pay for it. Located in canada, if that makes a difference in pricing...

Heres what the kit would come with (everything and more)

Mapex M series

18" Sabian AA china
19" Sabian Vault Holy China (Chad Smith)
10" Sabian Xs splash
12" Sabian AA splash
8" Zildjian ZXT transformer
6" Zildjian Zilbel
10" Sabian AAX OZone splash
16" Sabian AAX XPlosion crash
18" Sabian AAX XPlosion crash
20" Sabian AAX XPlosion crash
22" Sabian Metal Ride
14" Sabian AAX XCelerator hats

Remo Weatherking pinstripe heads (toms)
Evan EMAD 2 bass batters
Dixon Cowbell
Mapex Black Panther snare
Mapex M snare
Custom Pearl drum rack
21" Sabian AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride (not pictured)
Tama Iron Cobra hat pedal and stand
Tama Speed Cobra long board kick pedals (wooden and soft beaters)
Vic Firth stick holder
Tama 1st chair drum throne
Axe Music cymbal bag
6,8,10,12,14,16" toms

All cymbals still have price tags on them.

Let me know. Any opinions appreciated! Thanks!



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As I'm sure a bunch of folks will go into detail about later, you will get more if you piece it out as a shell kit, individual cymbals, and hardware. That's a pretty large kit and you'll give folks sticker shock if you try to dump all of it on at once.

M series kits are going for about $400 for a 5-piece kit on eBay right now. You might get $600-700 just for the drums. Search your individual items on eBay and make some educated guesses based on those vales.

Again: I would not personally try to sell this all as one item.


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Definitely part it out. That will save trouble of shipping all those pieces at once and you'll get more money. It will take some time though.

If you're comfortable with it, list all items on both eBay and Craigslist to attack on two fronts. State that the item is for sale locally and end the auction if it's sold. Likewise, take down the CL ad once you get some bids.

Good luck, that's a lot of great gear.


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Doing an eBay 'sold listings' search for each of those items should answer that for you.
That's what music stores do... then they calculate the 15% you would spend between eBay and PayPal listing, selling, and payment fees. And you would be somewhere close to a what YOU can sell it for. The stores deduct down to a wholesale price that they would pay for it if they were buying used. And there you have it... a price not anywhere near what you were expecting. Music store owner gotta eat too...

That's what you can expect even if you sell it online.

Since this is bought and paid for why not extract a scaled down kit from these pieces and store the rest?

The next step is seeking good, sound advice for properly storing drums, hardware, and cymbals over an extended period of time.


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Can you post a pic? M Series can vary. My 2004 M Series kit is a lot different than a 2005 M series. Different wood. The tell is the badges and lacquer finish. The 2004 is 9 ply maple and the badges are only glued on. The 2005 are maple birch with glued and screwed on badges. I am not really sure how much difference in price the two versions would be. But the 2005 Pro M were 7 ply all american maple. Also the 2004s were solid lacguer and the 2005s were transparent lacquer.


I just noticed you included pics. These look like the 2005 or later M series birch and maple. Badges are screwed on and the finish is transparent.


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Since this is bought and paid for why not extract a scaled down kit from these pieces and store the rest?
I agree, if the goal is to downsize, then set up just a 1-up/1-down with a hh/crash/ride/crash setup and play that. Just because you have all that doesn't mean that you have to play it all. My kit came with 8/10/12/14FT toms, I bought a 16FT, and now I just play the 12/16FT. The 10/14FT are set up as a practice kit and the 8" tom stays in a bag in the garage. Since you have 2 bass drums you basically can split the whole thing into a practice kit you leave at home and another you can leave packed up ready for gigs.

If the goal it to sell it and make back some of your investment or to use the money to buy a better kit, then parting it out is a better strategy, especially the cymbals, rack, etc. The drums should sell better as a complete unit, or perhaps sell the "add-on" toms (the 6, 8, and maybe 16) separately and sell the "basic kit" 10/12/14/kick as a unit.


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Hey guys. Its time to sell my ever loved kit... its time to downsize....
Like others have said, if the end goal is just to downsize, pick and choose what to keep from what you've got, and sell the rest.

If you want to sell everything and start over, it's unlikely that someone would specifically want everything you've listed. Especially all the cymbals. You'd probably do better to sell those individually.