What would a real drummer buy with $500


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This question comes up so often, it should be a sticky.

For approximately over $500, a thrifty shopper can buy used Stage Custom, 7000 series hardware, and a set (hats, crash, ride) of A/AA's.


1st of all you should narrow the search field down to $250 min and $700 max. Do you need everything, cymbals throne, etc or just the shell pack? How many pieces do you like to play?


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The same thing that Charlie Harper would buy.

I mean you are talking a real drummer ,right?


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Looks like Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, Ludwig, and Gretsch are the preferred brands in this price range. Are there any brands that you don't care for? If so, why?


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Brand name means nothing when so many big companies are releasing cheap crap alongside their flagship models. You really have to look at specific kits rather than looking at the name of the company.