what will remove Zultan logos on current cymbals? RESOLVED


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I'm pretty sure a nylon bristle one wouldn't hurt a cymbal. I'm not too sure if it would remove the logo though. A wire wheel would, but again the potential for damage.
Add force (mass x velocity) and nylon gets pretty destructive. Just ask my weed-eater attachment...and a few of my fence posts.


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okay, cool.
Just to let you know what you're dealing with...
The only flapper i'm aware of is the thing in mty throat that hurts the next day when i puke too much from a hard night of drinking... btw, auto repair & maintainance have always been beyond my scope.
#2) I'm a bass player. That loves to play drums in my own basement for fun. (I'm not allowed to be near drums in the band I'm in at our space.) #3) I'm 60 years old and my last purchase was last week. I got a mint KISS Animalize Tour '84 VHS on ebay ... (ya i got lots of DVD's but the remote freaks me out if I'm not stoned.) made my wife watch it for our big saturday night movie, and waiting the 3 days quitely tested our relationship :poop:.

Back on topic for future Zultan logo removal searchers: i took a razor blade to the 2 year old 20" Caz' .
The ink/paint scratched off! But also the cymbal. I should have done this earlier. They just want to not make it simple to get off. Whatever, maybe it's just cheaper.

Now have used toxic gel paint stripper on test patch on back of cymbal. It works. 10 minutes on, then wiped/rinsed test patch followed by Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to deep clean and reduce outline.

To sum...nothing was removed by toothbrush & paste, common nail polish remover, lemon juice, peroxide, lighter fluid, WD40.

Maybe something else works but like i said, I ain't no handyman so gots no building/auto/machining liquids at my disposal.

So it's back to my roots of huffing solvents. Just throw on LP's Alice Cooper/ Love it To Death, Sabs/Sabotage & get to work.



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If you are careful about it, penetrating oil can also cut through some caked on gunk. Just wouldn’t let it set too long. And as @someguy01 mentioned brake cleaner is some serious stuff too.