What was the name of your first bands?

Midnite Zephyr

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I got in this band when I was in high school because I liked this girl who was the singer. It was the first band I joined. The bands name was Demon Head. They insisted on naming it that. I didn't like it so I quit. My next high school band was called Stronghold and we only had one song...Dawn Fire. Oh boy! They eventually replaced me with a better drummer.

Jon B

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I think we called it churned butter, or butter churner or something. it lasted like a month because we would just mess around, but it was FUN

Midnite Zephyr

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Churned Butter, huh? I like it. I was in Bloomington in 2010 and really liked their music scene they had there. I even jammed with a band from Bedford while I was there. Unfortunately I got fired from my job and had to move back here again.


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My first band in 1974 was "Maxis". My last band in 1984 was "Rusty Metal".
With many different names in between!


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My first band was called 'Hands Up ETC.' bit random but it worked for what we played! after bass player issues we renamed ourselves to 'The Promise'



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I get together with some friends to make noise now and then. Our wives have called us "Too little, too late" which I am trying to disprove every day (at 37 yrs old).


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"The Plumbers"

This was back when I was about 13-14. We had a total of 5-10 rehearsals before we threw in the towel.


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My first bands name was Red Vengeance. Played hard rock/metal type stuff with 3 guitarists. After a year or so, it eventually
got split up into 2 bands. Matanza and DropStoned. Matanza was the heavier one, with influences like Meshuggah, Mastodon,
Lamb of God and The Haunted. You can actually check out one of our songs on myspace, http://www.myspace.com/matanzania.
This was recorded when I was about 17-18 years old. DropStoned turned into a funky, stoner metal band (not stoner like smoking-stoner)
with influences like El Caco (amazing norwegian trio), Stonegard, Tool and Taliban Airways. I found that band on myspace too
http://www.myspace.com/sleppstein, if you want to check it out =) First track was recorded when the band members were
about 17-18, and when the second track was recorded when we were 15-16 years old.


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Lol my first band didn't have a name until we got to our first gig and we were like um we need a name....... Chicken Sandwich! and we were born, and then died 3 hours later.
First band that actually did anything real was The Crowned Thieves a two piece bluesy rock band we were pretty good, but many bands have seen the rhythms of the universe brought to you by AndyMC since.


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My first band was the King Cobras. I have a pic somewhere and I will post it if I can find it.

My second band was the Renegades.


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My first band was called "Chronic" spelt with a K haha
We pretty much sounded like our name

criz p. critter

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Sorry, here is the pic.
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That is a great pic, man! Lemme guess... you were a surf band, right? I love the way the guitars and bass are leaning forward, ready to rock... or to shoot the curl or whatever surf bands do!

My first band in jr high was called Scintilla. I named it from a word I found in the dictionary, basically means a spark. We just played in my friend's garage.

Next band (that actually gigged a lot, doing high school dances and community centers) was White Wine. Not sure who named that one, but it wasn't me. Pretty stupid name.


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My first real band (apart from school band) was in 1971, R&T Unltd. This pic is a slightly later version of the band, renamed Pursuit, at the Hollywood Bowl for the Los Angeles County Battle of the Bands in 1974:

Original members Jeff Rona on flute, and Bill Turner on Piano (they were the "R&T"...) and Jim Walker on bass. I forget who the skinny guy with the hair is, but I recognize that kit as a Ludwig Standard in Blue Mist. That's pretty good for a b&w photo, eh?

Jeff carved out quite a career in TV music scoring (Chicago Hope et al), and Bill was one of those guys who could play any instrument well - guitar, trumpet, flute, keys, and drums, to name a few. I recall he went on to march with a few corps playing horn, but was also adept on the snare.

Jim passed away in his late teens, which is a particular shame because he was a funny guy and an adventurous bass player. He was also a big fan of both Zappa and the Bonzo Dog Band, so we got along great and were constantly hamming it up.

I don't recall what happened to the drummer. Probably selling insurance or something. :)



me and my highschool friends were into stuff like Primus, 311, System of a Down, Alien Ant Farm, Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, Fishbone, Incubus, Living Colour, and Marley. it was me, my friends mike and taylor on guitar, scott on bass, and lead singer was kid named marcus, who we met in school band. he was a life long hand drummer and saxaphone player at school, with one hell of a voice (church choir). We were in concert band as well, long time band nerds up to that point, so we had good training. I suggested the name The Bastard Sons of George Bush, and it stuck (our singer, when kanye west said that George Bush hates black people, made the joke on stage the weekend after that statement, that he was proof that bush LOVES black people-lol). We were a heavy groovin' band, and mixed hard rock with pop, r&b, and reggae. We gained a bit of following and won battle of the bands three years in a row, and played tons of house parties. i was picked on a ton at school, so when people found out i was a drummer, and a good one to their ears, that gained me a ton of respect, and all of the sudden, the girls i was to shy to talk too were fighting over me!!! lol, well, that only happened twice, but still!!


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I'm winning this competition....Tied to the Track. A few of us split and formed The Berry Brothers Band. We called it that because in the band were two brothers named Berry. Not sure what their last names were.