What was Sting thinking with this..???


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Greatest Hits compilations can be released by whichever party holds the rights.

EMI released a 'best of' Radiohead album back in 2008 after Radiohead had chosen not to renew their contract after their 2003 album release. They were contracted to six albums and had recorded and released all six going back to 1993.

Radiohead couldn't do anything about it because EMI held all of the rights under the original contract. As it happens, they have made a lot more money as an independent band.

Twist in the tale is that Radiohead eventually (in 2016) managed to get their back catalogue signed over to XL Recordings (a label they've had dealings with for physical releases since 2007) and now they manage it. The 'best of' that EMI released has been removed from streaming services, etc. subsequently.


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I quite like both of those songs. I’m not saying they’re better than the originals but they’re “different” and I’d be happy to listen to them.
Sting’s got form for this, there was a remix called Don’t Stand So Close To Me 86 done for a greatest heists compilation that was more of a complete reworking as opposed to these new versions which are closer to the originals with a new drumbeat added. In the case of Don’t Stand So Close To Me I did actually prefer the 86 version.


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I think it would have been much cooler if he would have hired Earth Wind and Fire to record this as opposed to having those synths.

It's ok, but not great (Never was a Sting/Police fan anyways).
I dont think he’s strapped for cash . Who cares what he does 🤷🏻‍♂️. Like anything else if I like , I listen if I don’t I won’t . As I’m typing this on the east coast of the U.S in my yard at 4:32 pm Tuesday ..... every breath you take comes on and since it’s two for Tuesday now every little thing she does is on 👍🏻. Love me some police . I can’t knock him, .... I don’t have any hit songs playing on the radio years and years after they’re written 🤷🏻‍♂️.