What to Wear?


I have a gig coming up with my quartet. We are playing a bunch of standards and originals in a small club. We are the main attraction, so I am starting to think about what I will wear.

Should I go all out (black suit) or keep it casual (slacks, button-down shirt)? Expert opinions appreciated ;)


Anthony Amodeo

the suit is classic but starts to feel a bit restricted for me...plus I sweat my huevos off

you will look sharp in some slacks and a nice button down

you look good....you feel good



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I'm with the G man on this.Play comfortable unless the're paying you to dress uncomfortably.:)

Steve B

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Are you sure you want to ask some drummers what to wear for a gig? ...

... well, be prepared then ...and be afraid, very afraid... lol

What type of music it is? from your description I guess it's jazz, but you never know...

The only serious advice I can give you... wear something in which you're comfortable to play the kit...

Happy reading :)


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I would find out what people usually wear to that club, and then dress in a way that is comfortable for you, yet half a step above what the people in attendance would wear.

Without even knowing this, if I were you I would have dress shoes, dress pants, dress socks, and a nice belt for the gig, then find a dress shirt you are comfortable playing in.


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Since you're the leader, it's entirely up to you. Maybe clear it with the club first if you settle on stark nudity, or anything else you suspect might border on inappropriate for the venue. And don't forget to tell the band-- you should all be dressed to the same level of, ah, dressiness.


Depending on the gig, anything from Dockers and a button down shirt to a full Tux. You and your band members should talk dress code well before the event. I played a reception a couple of weeks ago and although the room was adequately air conditioned for the wedding party and most of the people attending, the band didn't think so, lol. If at all possible, be comfortable and smart looking.