What to use to attach Studio Foam?


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What is the best product to use to attach studio foam?

I remember readin something in the past that I couldnt just use liquid nails etc as it destroys the foam.

Is this true?

Any ideas for the best thing for this?

Thanks guys


"Uncle Larry"
Velcro, double sided tape. You could run a screw with a small washer through it and into your wall. Depends how permanent you want it.

You could tape the foam to a stiff cardboard backing and use it as a moveable baffle. Use your imagination. That stuff is a rip off if you ask me. They charge you an arm and a leg for that stuff and to me it's no different than stuff I throw away when I get something shipped.


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Thanks guys-

In my heart Larry, I'm kinda with you over this- but I took the foam from my band as we werent using it.

I like the idea of attaching it to cardboard as we may have use for it in the future.

I just have a small space I practice in with odd lines on the walls and ceilings etc- I was just going to try to see if I could cut out some of the bouncing tones I get from said room