What to use to attach sound dampening foam to walls with

Janet Tambour

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I have these foam squares that I want to attach to the walls in my Voice booth, but I don't know what to use to attach/affix them to the walls. It was suggested to use "spray on adhesive." but specifics were not forth coming.

Also 'spray adhesives" in an enclosed space sounds like not a good idea?

Bo Eder

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What I did was cut some 4x4 foot presswood boards, and I took them outside and glued my acoustic panels on, then hung the finished panels in the room. I didn't want to glue directly to the walls because I didn't want to mess those up if I decided one day to take the foam down.
I used a Scotch spray adhesive called "R7", and it was available to buy at a local hobby store or at Home Depot.


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3M 90 or 77 spray adhesive.

Consider mounting the foam on rigid squares (plywood or similar) and hanging it like a picture frame if you may want to remove it in the future without needing wall repair.

Regarding enclosed spaces and the fumes, yeah, maybe give it a day. Run a fan.