What to learn next?


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Still at the beginning stages and so far Ive learned:
-Its my life
-Back in Black
-Highway to Hell

Now Im stumped what to learn next, any suggestions?

As always thanks guys

Bo Eder

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How do we know you've really learned those songs? We need a video to be the judge of that ;)


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Sounds like you can lay down a 4/4 groove. Great. It's as good a place to start as any. Now hook up with some musos for a jam and see how far you can take it

No Way Jose

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Well at some point you'll probably need to play a waltz, a swing, maybe a polka or a blues shuffle so you might look those up. I know they sound goofy but drummers do more than basic 4/4 beats. A rumba might be good to know too.