What to drink during/after playing/gig?


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Eww the water from a coconut tastes like the ocean. I just did this last month. Those suckers are friggin tough to crack! The juice makes me want to hurl. I don't know what the commercial products taste like.
I'm not a fan either, coconut has never really been my thing, unless lamingtons are involved.


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I like coconut. I tried the liquid not too long ago. We were making coconut shrimp and a coconut was stupid cheap. How hard can they be to break?...Anyway, sampling the liquid, I was expecting neutral to sweetish, like liquid Mounds bars lol. It didn't taste like liquid Mounds bars let me tell you. More like warm ocean water. I expelled it in the general direction of my garage wall. (I was cracking the shell on my workbench)


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Truth about coconut water

This was on yahoo the other day...

Coconut water is only good for if you enjoy it. Pretty much the equivalent to sugar water
did you even read what you posted?

you lose sodium and potassium when you sweat......

coconut water has more potassium than a banana and 13 times more than the average sports drink.....not to mention packed with electrolytes

where is this sugar you speak of?


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Stupid question of the day, can you buy that separately or do you have to buy a coconut, I've never seen it on it's own.

I buy the Vitacoco......its delicious......

that cat must have had a rotten coconut or something.....this stuff is a naturally sweet refreshing drink.....

great for light workouts like drumming.......high in potassium and electrolytes.......


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Love coconut water and, yes MTL, it's very healthy stuff. I was having one daily for a while because it's also good for a condition that often affects women. I got sick of the logistics, though.

Usually I like a drink or two at gigs.


I hear breaking a Coconut with your bare hands is great for attracting Neolithic women.


Technicality? Maybe. But I'm not sure alcohol is supposed to improve your playing...

Could be a laugh though. Breaks from the traditional beer!


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2-3 beers during the opening band ( i drink enough that i feel nothing from that) water during the 1st set ... 2 shots of jack in between sets.. some generic american piss water lager during the 2nd set. it's all about having fun .. my band is a high enegy classic metal band what i drink on stage pales in comparision to a normal drinking night for me so .. not recommended for a lightweight... . water is great btw .. or gatorade .. i've found energy drinks make me increase tempo too much and get an obnoxious nervous twitch and hand shakage .. best bet overall is good old h20 .. keeps you hyrated and doesnt' speed u up nor slow you down .. or gatoraid/poweraid/generic store brand ripoff of either .. gatoraid is basically watered down fruit juice + salt and sugar ... do what you will .. depends on what your playing .. if i was in a top 40 cover band i'd drink a 5th of straight jack at a gig to cover my soul hole for playing pop versions of shemale gaga bs .. as long as i'm sober enough to play queensryche, maiden and priest i'm good .. if i was in a nile cover band ... it'd be nothing but water.. not a single drop of alch ....

my theory .. sober enough to play .. buzzed enough to have fun ...
and the buzz wears of through playing so you are sober for the drive home (don't want a dui)


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my setup for a standard four-hour club gig...

-grocery store turkey sandwich two-hours before the gig
-one coors light before playing
-one coors light during the first set
-one giant bottle of water throughout
-after gig, one strong glass of vodka!

i find the couple of beers loosens me up just perfectly, but wouldn't want to do it on an empty stomach...also, my sense of time is no good if i'm intoxicated (not professional!) which is why i go for coors light (basically water).


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The Cocnut water idea is great...that stuff gives you a similar burst to eating bananas will becuase there is more of the good stuff than bananas have.

The beer thing..well alcohol can mess you up...no doubt especially on empty stomach..and the other thing is if you get too out of hand no matter how good you think you are when you "go for it" you are going to be a mess...you r imagination can tank as well not to mention motor abilities. I'd avoid....unless you want to just be ..." Heyyy Man I just want to groove" type player (who actually plays sloppy and boring)....which is not my preference.